Thursday, September 30, 2010

And The Winner Is -- WHOOPS!

The wrong winner was announced on the live-air results show of Australia's Next Top Model. This is crazy embarrassing -- but also deliciously funny to me, because I'm sick like that. Here, take a gander at this train wreck in motion for yourselves:

I think the shorter girl made things worse when the mix-up was eventually revealed by constantly saying: "No, it's okay. It's OKAY! No, really . . . did you not hear me? I said IT'S FUCKING OKAAAAAAY!!!!"

Well *ahem*. Maybe I did edit that last part in, but you get the picture. She should've just kept her mouth shut. Maybe pout prettily like a good girl and take her lumps.

For my money, even though I don't know these girls from Eve . . . I would've placed my bets on the taller girl in red anyway. Everyone knows short girls can't be models. So I'm glad to see she turned out to be the actual winner. Her response was funny, too. She had a look in her eyes that seemed to say: "Uh, how exactly am I supposed to react here? I'm happy, but the manner in which I got this backhanded win is totally FUCKED!"


To be honest, this is why most awards shows do the ole envelope thing to announce the winners. With an envelope, all the people involved behind the scenes get to look at the piece of paper and sign off on the winner before handing it to the talking suit(s) on stage. Also, having watched my fair share of the American version of this show, I've never once seen them announce the winner before a live audience. And certainly NEVER via an embedded earset.

Tyra Banks just wouldn't stand for something like this, no sir!

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