Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Funny, I Still Feel 21

Well, I've certainly come a long way since that very first birthday. This is me pre b-day bath at my grandmother's house on Cortlandt avenue in the Bronx, where I lived for almost the first 2 years of my life. As you can see, I got my birthday hat on and I'm ready to PAH-TAY!

Birthdays are a funny subject with me. I've never quite understood the fascination people have with their own. Growing up, I think I grew less and less in love with that day until, nowadays, it barely registers with me anymore.

People seem to love pointing out how old I'm getting, as if it's some sort of sore subject with me. Little do they know, I very rarely feel my age. Perhaps it's the fact that I exercise a lot and eat healthy. Or maybe being old is a state of mind. In any event, I think getting older is far more alarming to women than it is to men. Maybe society is to blame there. But as for me, every birthday is just another day. And every age, just another number. Perhaps when I'm 80 the day will have more significance. By then, perhaps it will be like a milestone -- a day to be grateful that I made it through another year.


So I turned 34 yesterday. Not a bad age to be, I think. I feel like I'm in my prime -- like I can accomplish ANYTHING! And, in fact, I guess I can look back and say that I've done pretty good with myself so far. I suppose that's the most anyone can hope to say about their lives at this stage.

Lisa surprised me with this cake. It was supposed to say "34th" on it, but they messed up. Oh well, I don't need anyone to tell me how old I am. But the cake was rather good -- just the way I like it!

I'm not big on celebrations dedicated to me, and quite frankly prefer to spend my birthdays with as few people as possible. In other words, very low key. This usually means I spend them with Lisa, alone and quiet. You have no idea how much I prefer this. If anyone ever throws me a surprise birthday party -- uh, I was going to say something violent here, but let me just say instead: Don't! Blech. Nothing would piss me off more.

On this day, Lisa took me out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays near Times Square. Not because I love Ruby Tuesdays (I don't really have any strong opinions on the place either way), but because we just wanted to get out of the house and spend some fun time together in a low-key setting. Seemed as good a place as any. The food was pretty good, and of course the company even better. :)

Afterwards we walked around a little bit, then took in a movie. And that was that. See what I mean?

I came home and saw that my sister called to wish me happy birthday, as well as my good friend Cintra. That was really nice of them. For some odd reason, though, no one else in my close circle of friends or family remembered or even bothered to call. Which is unusual, but hey: it is what it is.

So, I'm another year older and another year wiser. I think. I'll have to check back with you on the last. But I do know that I'm grateful for all that I have and all that I am. In the end, that's more than just a single insignificant day out of the year. That's worth without measure.


  1. Happy birthday, David - for what it's worth ;-)

    I turned 50 this summer and don't feel much different from when I was in my 30's. Maybe more life experience, more self confidence, and my body occasionally sends me some warning reminders that I can't physically do quite as much as I used to, but apart from that I agree that age is largely a state of mind. Keep it up young 'un.

  2. Thanks so much, Ian! It's worth a lot. :)

    And, yes, it's all a state of mind.

  3. The years Fly by - HAPPY HAPPY DAY AFTER BDAY!!!

    And attitude is everything. It's like the quote on my blog:

    It's not what you look at, but what you see.

  4. Thanks Kim!

    And those are indeed words to live by. I like that quote. :)


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