Friday, September 17, 2010

New Disney Animated Film In November

Because, after all, what's Thanksgiving without a new Disney cartoon in theaters? Ahh, just like old times again!

This new film is being called "Tangled," a riff on the classic Rapunzel tale. Check out the trailer for yourself below:

That's Zachary Levi of "Chuck" and "Shades of Ray" (a very good flick, btw) fame voicing the bandit/thief character, and Mandy Moore as Rapunzel. There's something I dig a lot about what I'm seeing with this trailer. It looks like a lot of fun. Perhaps it's the fact that the interaction between the two main characters reminds me A LOT of two of my favorite video games to come out recently -- Prince of Persia (2008 version), and Uncharted. Levi's performance in particular reminds me of The Prince and Nathan Drake characters combined, which is very much a good thing in my book. The voice actor for both these game heroes, incidentally, is Nolan North. So I guess I should say that Zach Levi is channeling Nolan North in this movie. Still not such a bad thing. I like North's irreverent-but-charming leading man portrayals.

Anyway, the animation in "Tangled" looks fabulous so far, although I find myself missing the warm, cherished hand-drawn look of last year's "The Princess and the Frog". But Disney is Disney, so I'm sure Lisa and I will enjoy this film a lot regardless. We usually do.

Look for it to hit theaters on November 24 -- the day before Thanksgiving. I shudder to think what the theaters are going to look like Friday night. Think about it: day after a major family holiday; kids are out of school; parents have done all their Black Friday shopping for the day; don't feel like staying home and cooking that evening; new Disney cartoon out. Ugh! Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Yeah, I think we'll be catching this the Wednesday it hits, before the crowds do.


  1. Looks like fun, David. Wonder how long before the kids hear about it?

    Does have a hint of deja vu about it, though. Not the storyline, but the look & feel and characters. I have to admit I'm now getting so confused between Disney and Dreamworks productions, they all seem to have a lot in common these days. But I'm no film critic...what say you?

  2. That's funny you should say that, Ian. Because I was thinking the same thing! I think what you're trying to put a finger on here is . . . the Shrek movies from Dreamworks!

    Not only is the animation style similar, but so are the facial expressions of the leads -- especially Rapunzel. And, of course, the tone is very much reminiscent of the Shrek animated movies as well.

    Hmmm, I might need to do some research and see why the similarities are so strong. Glad to see I'm not the only one who noticed.


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