Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Did A Month Named 'November' Come Through Here?

Looked at my calendar this morning and -- WHOA! -- where the hell did the whole month go? I think this might have been the fastest November on record. At least, to me. Thinking back on it, I think I have a reasonable explanation why it flew by so quickly.

If I had to guess, I would say it had something to do with starting the novel. Since I began writing at the start of the month, I've written more than 40,000 words. That's not enough to qualify by NaNoWriMo standards, maybe -- but that's still quite a lot of writing for someone who has a day job and can only write 2 hours out of every night. I'm very lucky that I took a year beforehand to really think long and hard on the novel I would be writing, and to work out on paper many of the larger issues before I even began the proper crafting. As it stands now, I'm making very good progress according to the outline I devised. Some scenes were hairier to plow through than first anticipated, and I ended up making some minor adjustments that I think make my characters more fleshed out. But so far it's been fairly smooth sailing.

I'm almost at the halfway mark for the core chapters. Once I'm done with those (which should be around the 85,000 word mark), I'll take a short break to work on some short stories before returning and tackling the chapters of the secondary characters in the novel. I'm saving the ending chapters for last, as I want to make sure I pull it off just right. I also will most likely be extending the final word count goal from 120 to 150K words. The novel is going to be longer than I thought it might be, but really no longer than your typical hard-backed fantasy tome. I'm thinking it will come in at roughly 425 pages in the end.

All that being said, if the writing continues apace as it has so far, I would imagine December will fly by just as fast as November. Of course, we have all the holiday drama that might take away from the time I can devote to this project, but I don't anticipate anything stopping me cold turkey.

Hope you all had a great month, too. Onward toward the end of the year!!!


Kim Kasch said...

Time goes faster the older you get. It's all a matter of math. When you're one year old, a day is 1/365th of your life but when you're 30, a day is 1/10950th of your life - so it flies by in the flash of an eyelash.

David Batista said...

Hmm, LOL! You know, Kim, I never looked at it like that. That's a remarkable perspective to take. :)

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