Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Couple Of Changes To The Sidebar

If anyone bothered to notice in the past two months or so, the links to some of my published stories listed on the side of this blog have not been working. This is because two of those stories were published in Afterburn SF, an e-zine that has since gone the way of the dodo bird late last summer. The website with my stories stayed up a little longer, but alas it is now defunct as well. Such is the world of short story publishing these days.*tear*

Anyway, as a temporary fix, I've placed the two stories in question--"Enemy of My Enemy" and "Minutemen"--into my Dropbox for the time being until I find a more permanent archive for them. In the meanwhile, clicking on the title of either story will bring up a message window asking you if you want to "open" or "save" the doc file. I know it's a little cumbersome, but please bear with me. Or you can just read "Khan Tengri" which, as of this writing, still links to Silverthought's online site with no problems.

Also, the more astute of you might have noticed a new addition to the sidebar. This one's called "The Words I've Read" because I was out of creative juice the day I wrote that and could not think of anything better to call it. Still can't, in fact. Anyway, under that title you'll find a doc link containing a list of all the books I've ever read. At least, all the ones I can remember reading from memory. I used to keep a list just like this in high school, but it has been lost to the ravishes of time and the dusty, spider-infested recesses of my bedroom closet back in the house where I grew up.

This new list has been in development since roughly 2003. In addition to regular updates whenever I finished reading a work from that point onward, I've been retrofitting the list to cover previous years based on memory alone. It's been a slow process for me, adding titles only when they pop into my head and insist that I did indeed read them at some point in my past. If I can remember where I was at the time of the reading and the basic general premise without help, then I know I've read it. Naturally, the possibility that I'm missing a great many tomes is high.

At some point, I might create another sidebar archiving all my stories which have not seen publication. Okay, maybe not all of them. Some of my shelved works need to stay hidden away FOREVAR! But I have a few stories that I am proud of and which have never seen the light outside of a slush pile. They have no further hope of ever being published, so I figure it wouldn't hurt if at lease some poor sap wanders onto this site and wants an education in what makes certain stories fail hard despite the earnest attempts of their author.

I'm charitable at my own expense, ain't I?

Anyway, that will be at a later time. In the meanwhile, I'm busy writing new additions to slush piles everywhere this year. Only time will tell under which heading these golden nuggets of writerly goodness fall under: published or unpublished.

Onward and upward!

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