Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nyahhh . . . What's Up, Doc?

Had my annual checkup today. As some of you may recall, around 6 years ago I had a major health scare that had the beneficial effect of whipping me into the best shape I've ever been in my life. You can click this link to read the storied end result of all that hard work.

Anyway, ever since then I feel that my doctor has been expecting for the other shoe to drop. As if, like so many other people in my predicament, I would slip back into my old habits. But as I said to him once: he didn't know me very well. No, truth of the matter is, I completely changed my life around back in 2005. And you know what? I'm still kicking ass on the health front here in 2011!

My blood work came back today, and I'm proud to say that my numbers are still beyond impressive. My doc continues to be astounded by the results I consistently get in terms of blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol--all of which came in at exceptional this time around. Even I was shocked by how good they were. He asked me what my secret was, because he's never seen anyone do what I've done. I told him it was simple: I'm psycho!

Haha, no I'm not. No, really I am.

No I'm not.

Okay, maybe just a tad. What I mean to say is: I'm really stubborn. You can call it a Virgo thing if you want, I don't care. The truth is that I just refuse to be a victim of my own laziness. If all that is required of me to accomplish something is to buckle down and work hard without fail, then I see it as the least I can do to achieve my goals in life. I'm very determined when it comes to getting what I want. And what I wanted more in life than anything back in 2005 was to never ever be dependent on meds. And, to kick this stupid disease in the ass and take its name. Which I did, and then some!

My doc says it really shouldn't be possible, to continue to go so many years with absolutely no medication and yet still keep the disease away with no recurrence. He said he hates using the word "cured", yet this is the only term that applies to my unique situation.

But I don't see why it's a surprise, at least to me. 6 years later, it's obvious I know what I'm doing. Working out six days a week and switching to a more natural and leaner diet has paid dividends. And to be honest, it really doesn't even feel like work anymore. It's just a part of my life now.

I used to always hear older people in the family talk about how important your health is. My grandmother was always telling me to take care of myself now, when I'm young, so that I don't end up paying for it later down the line.

Now, for once in my life, I can honestly say I understand what she meant. It's the best investment for the future you can make.

Oh don't you agree?


Yvonne said...

TOTALLY, WHOLE-HEARTEDLY agree! I'm so happy for you! I think what you've done is pretty amazing! I told you before that your story motivated me and gave me that extra "jump-start" that I was needing to keep going, in my own "weight loss/get healthy" journey. Thanks for posting this and keep it up, friend!

Kim Kasch said...

Awe...mazing. Great job! I can understand how important this is. My hubby is diabetic - juvenile onset. He takes four shots a day. Can't do anything about it. Health is a precious gift.

David Batista said...

Thanks Yvonne! I can't tell you how humbling it is to know that someone's gained inspiration from my journey. I'm wishing you the best of luck!

Kim, oh I didn't know that. In the very beginning there was a scare that I might have Type I, but then it turned out it was Type II. I've been very fortunate that I ended up with the version that is manageable with exercise and diet alone. In my case, I was even more fortunate to have effective cure myself. I know that this is very unusual among other Type II cases. People like your husband, though, I see as the true heroes. That's a level of fortitude I don't think I possess.

Botanist said...

Well, I hadn't seen that earlier post, so I didn't realise your situation, David. I'm impressed. Well done, and keep it up!

getyourselfconnected said...

Rock on!

Ashe Hunt said...

Yeah, you rock! I tell people about you all the time. Matter fact, I'm posting this post on my facebook!

David Batista said...

Haha, awesome! Thanks, T. :)

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