Monday, May 9, 2011

Out Of The Loop

I took a rather long blog vacation recently without telling anyone. Oops! Sorry about that, but sometimes you just need to step back and, you know, do other things. Things which don't require me sitting in front of a blasted monitor for hours on end. Because that can get a bit annoying after a while. And, while I'm back now and have caught up on all my favorite blogs (Jen, GYSC, Yvonne, Rodney, Frisky, Kim), I'm afraid I just don't have the energy to comment at the moment. Sorry you guys, but I'm just not in the mood. I'll be fine in a few, though, and then things will be back to normal. I promise.

So, this all means no new updates on this end either. You can expect the next Game of Thrones reactions review honestly sometime between tonight and the end of the week. I have no idea. Those things actually take a lot of my time and I might not be up to it for a few days. I have seen the latest episode, however, and I do have my notes already written. It's just a matter of collating it all and acquiring the scene-specific screen caps.

My weekend was rather low-key and wonderfully stress-free. But I was a bit irked by the onslaught of all the SUPER HAPPY FUN FUN Mother's Day postings on Facebook and the blog-o-sphere fronts. I guess you can say that this is why I've been absent these past couple of days. I just couldn't take it anymore. Look, it warms my heart that so many people out there have super awesome moms that they just can't help celebrating for all the world to see. But, from my end, it was just a pretty sucky reminder of what I don't have in my life.

Now it's not like I'm hating on the holiday. After all, it's no one's fault. Not even mine. But all the hype did force me to withdraw a little over the weekend and just disconnect from all media outlets. No computer, no tv (except for pre-recorded shows on my TiVo), and no social media.

I did visit my grandma, though, and brought her a nice dinner and told her how much I loved her. Because, she really is the next best thing to a mother I have in this world. I wrote her a long note in the card I gave her, which of course made her cry. But I meant every word of it, grandma! Without you I would be nobody today.

But, yeah, Sunday was a sad somber day for me. Some years I'm okay, and then some it really hits home how alone I am. I think of the type of woman my mother was, and how she would have been my biggest fan and staunchest supporter of my writing. How she would be the one person I could always turn to and count on. That person who would fight for me--champion my cause--when no one else will give me the time of day.

But I don't have that. To be frank, quite a few other people don't have this either. And some people have it worse -- they HAVE mothers, but those women are evil skanks who only care about themselves. I don't know which is worse: to have had a wonderful mom and lose her early when you needed her most, or to have a mom who exists solely to suck all the life out of you and toss you aside when she's got all that she can get. Because I know people who have the latter, and trust me . . . they're in a far worse place than I am.

So to you who DO have mothers, and who ARE wonderful moms at that -- HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you all. You are the lucky ones. Don't ever forget it. This day goes both ways: a celebration for those cool moms out there, and for their children lucky enough to call them mom. Please appreciate what you have.

Like Forrest Gump once said: ". . . and that's all I have to say about that."


Jennifer Hillier said...

I don't have kids, and sometimes the whole Mother's Day thing hits a funny bone (and not in a funny way). But I am lucky to have a mother who loves me and gets me, and I try to focus on that. Thanks for the reminder to always appreciate what we have. :)

The Frisky Virgin said...

Oh, David, I'm so sorry. I had no idea. Now I feel bad because I posted about the Mavs winning on Mother's Day. I'm sorry. Really, I didn't know. I think I was caught up in the happiness of it all and having my mama with me, watching the game and cheering together. She was so sick last year--it was a scary, scary time. I can't imagine not having her in my life. I promise I don't take a single second for granted.

Sending you lots and lots of hugs.

Marlee said...

Sorry to hear about your mom. My roommates mother passed away last year, so Mother's Day is always a little bit tense in our house. Best wishes to you!!

Rodney said...

David, I feel for you, man. I can empathize. And as the comments above show, your friends are here to support you as you need. And don't apologize for stepping away from the hoopla. Do what you need to, we'll all still be here when you come back.

Wait a sec, my blog is one of your favorites?? Really? AWESOME!!!

David Batista said...

Thanks everyone! :)

Hey, I just finished writing the rough draft of my Game of Thrones episode 4 reactions, so I'm feeling a little better now. Sorry about dumping all the funk of the past day on you all. But it's nice to know you have my back!

Oh Frisky, don't feel bad at all. I loved your post and the obvious great connection you have with your mom. You, my dear, have nothing to apologize about.

Trust me, the Lakers vs Mavs game was the last thing on my mind last night. I'm happy your team won, because the Lakers truly sucked the big one and were being bad sports about it, too. And, of course, I'm still an Eastern Division fan first and foremost, so I still have my team (the Bulls) to root for. :)

Jen, your relationship with your mom is the type I truly envy. Someone who is your biggest fan! Awwww!

Marlee -- thanks for visiting and for the kind words. Truly, it's appreciated.

Rod -- But of course! If I comment on your blog, it means I like it. And if I comment regularly, it means it's one of my faves. :) Keep up the awesome job!

getyourselfconnected said...

I figured Mother's day was going to be tough for you. Father's day is like that for me. No worries about blog holiday, a break is a good idea every now and again. Talk to you soon.

Watchtower said...

David I was one of those people who were giving a lot of props to moms on Mother's Day.
I can't really help myself because when I look back and think of the worry my brothers and I put my mother through, i.e. the motocross racing, the roadracing, plus the inevitable trips to the hospital that doing those activities produce, it's a wonder my mom has any sanity left at all.
But in the future I'll try to remember that not everyone has been as fortunate as I have and try to reel it in a bit.
Hope you'll accept my apology.

David Batista said...

GYSC -- Thanks. Yeah, I don't have to worry about Father's Day (thankfully). Mine would have had to have been around for it to matter. Father's Day for me means shopping for clothes that are thankfully 20% - 50% off due to the holiday. :)

WT -- As I said, I'm not implying that there's anything wrong with celebrating M-Day. In fact, if you have a wonderful mother, by all means honor her. Really, it didn't hurt my feelings . . . I was just getting overwhelmed by it being everywhere I turned. Honestly, the real culprit was Facebook, not the blogs.

Btw, do you have a blog? I would love to visit if you do!

Thanks for the sentiment, though. Like Frisky, you have no need to apologize at all.

Kim Kasch said...

Mother's Day was a little somber for me too - not for the same reason as you - but I tried to think of all the positive things. It was still hard. Plus, my son's gfriend just lost her mother a few months ago. She was too depressed to even come to brunch with the family - which made it even harder for me. Oh...sorry, you hit a sore spot for me too. Time heals all things, (my Mom used to say) I don't think she was totally correct.

Yvonne said...

Sometimes it's better to take a break and return only when you feel better. I'm sorry this weekend was a tough one for you, yesterday specifically. From all the way here in H-town, I'm sending you virtual hugs! Hope your "funk" lifts soon and you're back to being yourself! And as Rodney stated, we are here to listen. And most definitely have your back! ;)

Watchtower said...

"Btw, do you have a blog? I would love to visit if you do!"

No, I do well just to make the rounds of my 'must read' blogspots.
I don't know how you, GYSC, JH and others come up with quality content on such a regular basis, it amazes me.

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