Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stepping Away For A Few Days

Well folks, we're hitting the road today. My wife's got a medical conference to attend up in beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts all this week . . . and I get to be a beach bum. Yup, life will be good! We've never been to Cape Cod before, so I'm actually looking forward to getting some sea and sun for a change. I'm not a big fan of the ocean, mind you, but I do in fact like being near the ocean. As long as there is solid land beneath my feet during my experiencing of it, you can give me all the ocean you'd like.

It's about a 260 mile drive from the Bronx to there, so it should take us around 4 and a half hours I think. I should say it's going to take me that long since I'm the one doing all the driving. Must be nice, huh?

I went to pick up the rental car from Avis yesterday and was in a for a shock. See, when I set the reservation a while back, I had specified a compact or sub-compact -- like a Ford Focus or a Chevy Cobalt. But when I got there today, the woman behind the counter said: "Okay, now let me step into the back and see what we have available. You said you wanted a compact, right?

I confirmed, and then she left. I should have known something was up, because she had already tried to get me to upgrade to something larger twice. The reason I wanted a compact or smaller, however, was because there is only two of us -- me and Lisa. And this isn't really a vacation for us, but more like a get out of town for a few days on business and some pleasure trip. Moreover, I didn't want a gas guzzler that was going to devour my wallet at the pump. 260 miles to and the same back is a LOT of fuel to burn, not even including all the local driving we'll be doing while we're there.

So, of course, wouldn't you know I didn't get the car I wanted? What did I get, you ask? Well, take a look for yourself:

Yes, there you go. I was politely informed that the most "compact" car they had in the lot was this Ford Escape SUV. I just looked at the woman for a while and then said: "A what?"

Arrgh! I was soooo mad! This is the exact opposite of what I wanted!

But then, a strange thing happened. I got in the car, fiddled around with all the bells and whistles for a few minutes -- and decided that I loved it! The interior is really quite spacious, and the seats are all leather. Very classy, in fact. And I was reminded that I did in fact learn how to drive in an SUV--a Jeep Grand Cherokee, to be precise--so the size and the height of the car was at once very familiar to me.

Now if I can only wrap my head around the amount of gas I'm going to be paying for when this trip is all said and done. Ouch!

After I left the garage, I drove around up and and down the East Side of Manhattan all afternoon running some errands. I have to say, although the Escape is much heavier on the pedal than the Civics and Priuses I'm used to getting from Zipcar, it ran very smooth. The interior resembles a Range Rover in many respects, and the chassis felt almost as sturdy. So I guess I can say I'm not too upset by the mixup. I'm sure this baby will serve me well on this trip.

So, we're off! I can't promise I'll be doing much blogging when we get there. But then, I said the same thing whenever we went overseas in previous years and still managed to find a way somehow. If the little inn where we're staying has WiFi, then the chances are good you'll hear from me. Heck, you might even get a video blog from the beach if you're lucky!

If not -- I'll see you guys before the 4th.

This is Mork signing out: Nanoo, nanoo!

P.S. -- I just realized this is my 100th blog entry of the year. Yippee!!!


Botanist said...

Have a good trip, David. Try not to bulldoze any smaller vehicles off the road as you go ;)

Watchtower said...

When I started reading I thought you were going to say that all they had left was a Mustang GT with the new 5.0 V8 (412 hp), lol.
The SUV should be comfy though.

This sounds like it could turn out to be an excellent trip (especially if the wife's work is picking up part of the check), I would love to drive around that part of the country and end up by the ocean.
Relax and enjoy!

David Batista said...

Ian -- Thanks, man!

WT -- I wish! If that was the offer, I would have jumped on it! :)

Yvonne said...

Well see? A silver lining after all! I'm sure the SUV will suit you and your wife just fine! I'm totally jealous! Always wanted to go to Cape Cod, heard nothing but wonderful things about it. But mostly, I'm jealous because I am a lover of the ocean. Have a relaxing and fun time! Safe travels my friend! :)

getyourselfconnected said...

@watchtowr and David, I dont think a V-8 would work for David, lol!

You will be so close to me, dang we should have planned a lunch!

David Batista said...

GYSC -- Am I? I always thought you were closer to the New Hampshire side of things here in MA.

Jennifer Hillier said...

Happy 100 posts! I bet you're relaxing at the beach as I type this.

David Batista said...

It's funny, Jen . . . because I am, even now as I type this!

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