Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Drake's Next Adventure

So, in the midst of finishing up Gears of War 3 for the Xbox 360 and preparing to start up Batman: Arkham City on the PlayStation 3, I learned that we're only 2 weeks away from perhaps the greatest game of all time releasing on November 1st . . . Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception!!!

Yes, I know. Blasphemy! For surely, Batista, the new Batman game is the undoubted king this year? And you know what? It just may retain that crown, because from what I'm hearing so far this Batman game is just about better than sliced bread! And I've only played the first 10 minutes, but I'm inclined to agree so far.


The Uncharted series has always been a stellar, shining example of Triple-A game making. Seriously, each title has gone on to win tons of awards and plenty of Game-of-the-Year titles (GOTY) from various reporting agencies in the industry. The last game, Uncharted 2, was seriously the best game I ever played! And from what I'm seeing so far, this third installment is pulling out all the stops. Here, check it out for yourself. The launch trailer below was just released, and I'm PSYCHED beyond belief! Hoooo, boy!

In case you don't know the story, Nathan Drake is a treasure hunter descended from the historical Sir Francis Drake. His illustrious ancestor was quite busy in his time tracking down various legendary artifacts across the globe, and he's bequeathed the same unquenchable thrill-seeking genes down through the family line, it would seem. The Uncharted games are sort of a cross between the Indiana Jones movies and the Tomb Raider games. No, really, there is no better way to to put it. The series is just THAT much fun! If you're a gamer and you own a PS3 but you haven't yet played these games . . . seriously, dude, what the hell are you waiting for? Do you honestly want to miss out on THIS much greatness?

The trailer above wowed me, though. I knew the game was going to be great, but I had no idea it would look this fantastic! I didn't think it was possible to improve on the visuals of the second game . . . but now I eat humble pie, because this is ridiculously gorgeous! And the story looks soooooo intriguing. Gave me goosebumps!

Sure, I'll be missing out on it myself since I'll be busy playing Arkham City. I usually save the Uncharted games for the holidays, though, so this is actually coming out at just the right time. Hopefully by December 25th I'll have completed the Batman game. It's going to be close, but I'm sure I can pull it off.

Oh, and one more note on this whole Uncharted thing . . .

A co-worker of mine sent me a link today to this video clip of Harrison Ford playing six minutes of the yet to be released Uncharted 3:

Lucky man!!! But, LOL, it's funny seeing his reaction to the visuals. See, this guy is an ACTOR! He can pretend quite convincingly that this game is blowing his socks off. You can tell he's not a gamer, though, but at least he gives it the ole college try. This was part of a Japanese promo event to sell the game in the Land of the Rising Sun. Apparently they all love themselves some Harrison Ford. But, I guess: who doesn't love the man, right?

Han Solo is still cool after all these years. Bet!


The Frisky Virgin said...

1. This looks like a movie. It's that gorgeous.
2. I find the man in the cream shirt very sexy (must remind myself he's in a game). Think he wore a suit, too. Very sexy.
3. Harrison Ford is STILL handsome. Sigh.

Alittlesprite said...

My Hubby is waiting for COD to come out Nov 8th.

David Batista said...

Frisky -- Yeah, that's Nathan Drake. The hero of the Uncharted series. He's quite debonair and sarcastic, which seems to be a great combination with the opposite sex. :) And, yes, he's wearing a suit in some of those scenes. And, yes, Harrison still gots it, apparently. LOL!

Sprite -- I've given up the CoD series. And Modern Warfare as well. Those type of games are just too short and not enough substance to justify spending so much money on them. But they ARE very cool, though. Hope the hubby enjoys! I'm hearing great things about this next installment.

Antares Cryptos said...

So many games, so little time.
Ford cracked me up, he wanted to play it, not be watched playing it.

Can't wait for this one, but will have to;)

Jennifer Hillier said...

I'm with Frisky! I'm going to have to start playing video games because that Drake is damn fine.

Just saying.

Kim Kasch said...

He's one man who has aged well - or that's according to my husband who has a man crush on HF
I know, it's very close to HP :)two greats in the entertainment field

getyourselfconnected said...

Ok WAY too much lady talk on the dudes! Simmer down ladies, lol.

David, I saw an article today that an all new XBox was coming out in 2013? Game looks wild! P.S. S&P closed over 1230 today, boom!

David Batista said...

Whoa! Really (re: S&P)? Uh-oh! I can't wait to read your reaction on Economic Disconnect.

And, yeah, Xbox news is big. Although I'm slowing down on my gaming, so I'm not quite sure if I'll get on this next version when it releases. Will have to wait and see.

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