Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last Night I Flew Again

Or, maybe it was early this morning. I can never tell.

Anyway, I had the most interesting of dreams last night. I, and two other unnamed friends, were trapped in a world where humans had been enslaved by vampires. In this dream, I remember being in a dark urban alley, where the tenement buildings all around me soared to skyscraper heights. It was as if I was in the Bronx (where I still live to this day), but all the buildings were as tall as the Empire State building now.

And I had to get out of there! For some reason, I was supposed to rendezvous with my friends at some big deal vamp hangout spot. So I started to rise up from the ground, higher and higher toward the sky. As I flew upward, hands reached out from the windows of the apartments all around me. They were human slaves, begging for me to bite them and give them the "gift" that would make them immortal. They were the downtrodden, living in ghettos meant to keep them down. Vampires were the elite, and these people were assuming that since I could fly, I was a vampire too.

But I was not.

So, not knowing how to help these people, I rose higher and higher until I was above the rooftops under a brilliant white moon. As usual when I fly in my dreams, I felt so free and wondrous up there -- all alone and removed from it all. But then I remembered my purpose, and started to fly in the direction of where I was to meet my friends. I remember being afraid that the real vampires would see me flying and come after me, so I hurried.

Eventually I discovered that the "hang out" of these elite vamps was this posh NYC-type restaurant at the top of the tallest tower in the city. Again, everyone assumed I was a vampire since I flew in rather than took the stairs, so I didn't have any trouble getting in. When I got to the table on the terrace where my friends were already waiting (who, curiously, still remained nameless and faceless) I got the impression that they had been able to get in by pretending to be my human thralls. One friend, a girl, had somehow faked puncture wounds on her wrist and wore makeup to appear more like a person who's been drained regularly.


Anyway, we started talking about why we were on this world. Apparently we were inter-dimensional travelers come to liberate this world from the vamps. So, from that I took that this dream had sci-fi leanings, and not strictly horror. I still don't know how I was able to fly--except that I always have the ability to fly in my dreams. I wrote about this peculiarity before here on this blog.

Anyway, some officious looking vamps came in and asked to see our credentials or something. But just as the dream was getting good, my alarm clock woke me up and I realized I had to get to work.

Don't you just HATE when that happens?

LOL! Anyway, that was my interesting dream this morning. Or last night. And, yes, for me this dream was a lot of fun and not scary. Nightmares for me don't involve vampires or zombies and such. Those types of dreams are always fun. No, real nightmares are if I dream about, like, losing my job or where I get kicked out onto the street and have to find shelter somewhere. Those are the dreams I don't want to be having. But any dream where I get to fly is a lot of fun. I love flying so much! It's the only superpower I've ever wanted. Well, that and invincibility. Since, after all, it would suck balls if I could fly at mach 5 and then end up slamming into a bird, or a jet, or a building or something and breaking my neck. What would be the fun in that, huh?

So, yeah, in case you didn't already know . . . I'm weird.

Or, as I like to say: I'm an SF writer! You didn't think we all dream normal mundane dreams now, did you? Tsk, tsk.


Botanist said...

Well, David, at least you seem to keep flying in your dreams. I often dream that I can fly, or move at great speed as if I were a race car or something, then it always subtly changes so I can't any more. I keep trying, but I've lost the ability, or maybe I just imagined that I could...also weird.

getyourselfconnected said...

Great post! Have a great weekend.

Jennifer Hillier said...

First of all, all writers are weird! I mean, look at me.

Secondly, I think flying represents power, doesn't it? You must be feeling very on top of things these days.

Thirdly, your dreams sound so vivid, I think you should write them down. All kinds of story ideas there.

David Batista said...

Ian -- That sounds very . . . frustrating! No, nothing like that happens when I fly. If you click on the link to my older post about me flying in dreams, you'll see that my ability has evolved with time. Starting from when I was a little boy until now, my flying has gotten a LOT better.

GYSC -- Thanks, buddy. You too! I hope things are getting better for you.

Jen -- You know, after writing this entry I decided to do some research on the psychology behind my dreams. I found out something interesting. Turns out not just dreaming about flying--but the exact type of flying I do--does in fact represent someone who feels on top of things in their life.

Also, a fun fact I never knew until now: apparently I'm what's called a lucid dreamer. Had no idea! I've heard of the term before, but it all sounded so wonderful and beyond me. Little did I know my dreams are so vivid and out there because I'm actually controlling them! How cool is that? I always knew my dreams were a lot different from most people's.

Oh, and I've already written stories based on my dreams. Most famously one about a planet where the native intelligent species are a race of flowery plant life whom communicate via colors. Very trippy! I should post it to the blog sometime.

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