Monday, November 7, 2011

Attack Of The 80s Movies!!!

Well, apparently I was having a Very Brady 80s weekend or something, because I suddenly got all nostalgic and decided to raid the ol' DVD library to re-watch some timeless classics.

I watched American Ninja II, Karate Kid II, Rocky II, and The Last Dragon.

Sensing a theme here?

Well apparently, aside from having a bad case of "sequel"-itis on my part, they all involve some form of kicking ass! And you know what's funny? I had no idea I was conforming to a trend when I picked these titles. No shit! I thought they were all random choices until RIGHT THIS MOMENT as I started writing this entry. Whoa!

Anyway, it was a good time I had, reminded of days long gone when movies actually made you feel good about yourself -- and had kicking 80s soundtracks to boot! Especially watching Karate Kid II (a very under appreciated film, btw) . . . I was suddenly gobsmacked by that Peter Cetera song from the movie. You know, the one with the really cheesy music video where Pete looks like he's having a cross between a restrained orgasm and a full-on conniption fit as scenes from the movie play out in the background? The song is "The Glory of Love," btw, and personally I think it's one of the best love ballads out there. Each time I hear this, I get all . . . er . . . romantic and stuff. Seriously -- rawrrrrr!

Come on, admit it: you think it's catchy, don't you? It's actually a great song, and I'm not ashamed to admit that it totally rocks my boat. And, damn, that movie is such a huge part of my growing up years! I must have watched it a thousand and one times during my adolescence.

I was also loving, as I always do, the very end of Rocky II. Which, to this day, is still my favorite Rocky bout of all time. I mean, this fight with Apollo Creed was freakin' LEGENDARY! But no more amazing was how it came right down to the very last count. If you watch the clip below, the part that gives me major goosebumps is at the 2:50 mark. The way that wonderful  music swells as Rock stumbles around the ring and literally falls into his corner man's arms from sheer exhaustion just . . . *chokes* . . . it gets me EVERY time!

The only thing wrong with this clip is that it stupidly cuts off before an even greater moment in the film when Rocky says to his wife watching from home: "YO ADRIAN! I DID IT!!!" while holding up the belt. That would have made the clip EPIC!

But yeah, I love the Rocky movies! People who write them off as just dumb jock films without properly watching them are doing a huge disservice to some truly great writing, directing, cinematography, choreography, and scoring of films I've ever seen. They're better than you think they are, excluding the fifth movie. Which, let's be honest, was pure turd sauce.

Anyway, how was your weekend? And, hey: don't you miss the 80s? I know it's just my childhood nostalgia talking, but who cares!


  1. Sho' Nuff! I love all those flicks. Great picks.

  2. Hey! I happen to LOVE Peter Cetera! I do miss the 80s. Especially all of the John Hughes movies. And of course, I love ALL Rocky films. Like you, I feel that those movies were totally underappreciated. I still get goose bumps when I watch the first one. And when Adrianne says, "Win! Win!" :)

  3. GYSC -- Thanks! They really are awesome films. And, yes, Sho'nuff! The Shogun of Harlem, LOL!

    Yvonne -- Yes, that was a powerful scene from the second movie. Love it! I never liked the first movie as much as the others as a kid. But rewatched it when I was an adult, and now I see why it got the Oscar. Wow!

  4. What is it with you boys and Rocky movies?... Hubby hates it when I mock Rocky...
    It's fun :)

  5. Sprite -- Haha! But come one, you ladies might complain about our bombastic taste in movies . . . but secretly I think that's what makes you love us, too! :)

    And, of course, not just men like the Rocky movies, as evidenced by the lovely Yvonne above. I also finally got my wife to admit that they were good movies, after forcing her to sit through them that is. Before me, she thought they were just "silly boxing movies."

  6. Hubby tried that to, but I mocked it so much he told me to leave..hehehe.
    I love lots of boy movies. I just don't "get" Rocky.

  7. I must have been too busy raising the kids to watch t.v. during the 80's. I didn't see any of those movies :( Okay, I saw Rocky but not the sequels.

  8. That's understandable, Kim. Since I *was* the kid being raised in the 80s, I had nothing BUT time to watch a ton of tv. And, oh boy, did I! :)

  9. Ahhhh shit! That's a movie weekend right there! Only thing missing is Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom! I might have to do this myself one day soon!

  10. I agree, Karate Kid II is the best in the series.. it has the most heart, when that hurricane hits.. gets me every time..and yes, I love that song... it's cheesy in the awesomest way!


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