Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boys To Men

No, relax. This one won't be about that 90s R&B group.

This is about the time a simple tv ad for cola made me sit up and take notice of a particular lady who really needs no introduction if you were a little boy growing up in the late 80s/early 90s. This is the day I went from being a boy to a red-blooded, all-American male . . . and all the raging hormones that went with that. For this is the day I first set eyes on one Cindy Crawford.

You remember the ad, I'm sure. It's the infamous tv spot from Pepsi which played during one momentous Super Bowl back in the early 90s. It has that song playing in the background -- Doris Troy's 1963 hit "Just One Look." It has a fire red Lamborghini, a car maker I would fall in love with. And it stars two precocious youths who just crack me up each time I watch this commercial. I swear, the look on their faces is just priceless!

What, you want to share this trip down memory lane with me? Oh, all right. You know how I can't resist a good video plug here on this blog. So, without further ado . . . here is your blast from the past. Where were you when this first aired?

"It's beauuuuuutiful!"

LOL! Yup, she sure is, kid. She sure is! God, I think I actually blushed watching her down that can like that. HOT DAMN!

Although I have to laugh at those ridiculous 90s shorts. It's takes a truly gorgeous woman to make those ugly things sexy, boy!

Sometime a decade later--perhaps during the 2002 Academy Awards, if I'm remembering correctly--Pepsi aired a new commercial starring Ms. Crawford. Call it an "update" of the first commercial, if you will. Except, this time showing us the new Diet Pepsi. I think she's still got it, don't you? And, look! She's got lines to speak this time, too! My how the times have changed.

This commercial, of course, is nowhere as good as the first. But, then, I don't think it was trying to be. More like an homage to a classic, if anything. And I've since fallen out of my crush for Cindy and moved on to others . . . but yet I can't deny the things that original ad made me feel back when I was a boy on the verge of becoming a man.

Commercials can be great like that sometime, don't you think? Especially the really good ones. Those capture a specific moment in time that, no matter how far into the future you watch them again, always remind you of what you were doing and feeling when you saw them for the very first time.

Now if you excuse me . . . I have a sudden and mighty need for an ice cold can of Pepsi!


  1. THIS is the Ad that did it for us girls...

    Classic :)

  2. Hmm, I've never seen this commercial, Sprite. I took away from it that jeans are better than fabric pants when wishing to take a frivolous soak in the creek with no soap. :)

    Also, apparently there's not a problem with shrinkage. Because, you know, that would kinda hurt!

  3. Now this is going way back! While you were crushing on Cindy, I was wishing I looked like her. She was one of the first models I can remember actually sort of looking like me (brown hair, brown eyes, darker skin tone). Nowadays, that look is trendy, but back then? I had no role models!

  4. Yeah, Jen, I tend to fall for the darker complexioned gals, myself. :) So this commercial and the timing of it (early to mid adolescence) hit me pretty hard. Heh, heh . . .

  5. My son is always pointing out "good" ads. Maybe because he majored in journalism and loves advertising. ;)

  6. I remember that one! Funny thing, I was never into Cindy. Not my type I guess. I went nuts for Daisy Fuentes on that Mtv show Remote Control.

  7. Normally I wouldn't be into the "model-ly" type either, GYSC. But we didn't have cable tv growing up (except for HBO through rooftop subscriber antenna), so this was as good as it got for me during my . . . er, "development" years. :)


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