Saturday, December 10, 2011

In Which I Get My Man Card Revoked

My wife, Lisa, and I just watched this movie (again) tonight, apropos of the season upon us.

I know I risk my masculinity by admitting this . . . but Love, Actually is one of the best Christmas movies of all time! Definitely my favorite romantic comedy bar none. That's right, you heard me. I watch romantic comedies on occasion. Sue me. Of course, I have Lisa to thank for this, as I'd probably want to stab myself in the eye were I single and all angsty about love and what-not. But as it stands, I like a well made romantic comedy. Don't you? And Love, Actually is the most heart-whelming and funniest of them all, in my opinion.

Anyway, watching this film for the umpteenth time now I've decided to officially crack open my special Xmas playlist on the ole iPod. I only ever listen to this playlist in December, before closing it again for yet another year. But I had to listen to Mariah Carey's song "All I Want For Christmas" twice, because honestly it is just that awesome! Click on the link to see her official video of the song. Like Love, Actually is to romantic movies for me, I strongly feel that this is the best Christmas tune of the modern age. Seriously, how can you not get into the holiday spirit after listening to that? It is sublime perfection, I tell ya!

Also, that Mariah sure can sing her heart out! It's only fitting that the song was featured so prominently in the movie, then. And, with that being said, I leave you now with the perfect scene from that movie to set the mood off. This little girl does an impressive cover of the song in question:

And how cute is that little boy with his puppy-love crush? Ah, young love! Where have you gone? (ha, ha)

Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. GREAT movie! I watched it again for the umpteenth also, about two weeks ago! What a coinkydink! Don't worry about your man card being revoked, it will be a secret just between you and me and the entire internet world. But that's it. :) Merry Merry Christmas!

  2. Pretty cool. Little girl held it down. Other adult professional singers couldn't do Mariah that well! There will be no revoking of the man card otherwise they'd have to take mine as well. Nothing wrong with romance and romantic comedies as long as they're done well! Incidentally I've never seen Love, Actually. Guess I have to check it out now. :-)

  3. Yvonne -- Ah-ha, great minds think alike! :) And you have impeccable taste in movies, too, I see. Bonus! But yeah, I guess my secret is out for all to see now. That's okay, I bear no shame.

    Tarrell -- What the shit? You have GOT to check out this movie, pronto! You and Tren both, I think it would be perfect this time of year. Check to see if it's available for streaming on Netflix.

    Oh, and that little girl is Olivia Olson, who is now 19 years old. My, time flies! She still sings and acts to this day, from what I know.

  4. Okay, I hereby officially sanction the movie "Love Actually" as a bona fide "guy friendly" rom com. You are now safe, David.

    Personally, "Love, Actually" is my number 1, uncontested FAVORITE romantic comedy of ALL TIME! Mostly because it show ALL aspects of experiencing love, not just the sappy ones.

    The pain of having a loved one die, and how the love of a child can help you endure and survive it

    Or like in the pic you show at the beginning of your blog: the guy who fell for his best friend's girl and did NOTHING about it because he loves his friend and wants him to be happy!

    Or like my personal favorite:
    The sister giving up the guy she's been lusting after for years, to take care of her brother.


    In fact, the only other movie that comes close to that level of display is a movie called "Feast Of Love" (My #2 rom com) starring Morgan Freeman (which if you haven't seen, you should really check out!).

    However, I still maintain that the greatest Christmas movie of all time takes a classic Christmas tale: Trying to get home for the holidays and throws in TERRORISTS & THIEVES!!! Yes, the greatest Christmas movie of all time: DIE HARD!

  5. Thanks Rodney. My man card remains intact!

    Funny, while I do indeed agree that Die Hard is an awesome action movie, I actually consider the sequel to be more of a Christmas movie. It, too, takes place on Christmas Eve. But unlike the first one which was set in L.A., the sequel is in Chicago where you can actually have SNOW! And the snow in that movie was almost its own guest starring role, there was so much of it!

    So, yeah, Die Hard 2 gets my vote for best Christmas action movie. :) The first one was the better movie with the better villain, but the second one was more . . . Christmas-y, I guess.

  6. Never seen it. I'm sooooo not a romantic comedy kind of girl - but my hubby loves 'em so on occasion...maybe over the holidays I'll sit and watch this one :)

  7. You definitely should, Kim. Take it from me, you really will enjoy it. Especially this time of year.

    Trust me. :)


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