Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Great Advantage Of The Season

Or, why I love winter . . . Reason # 12 (or something like that). I should really compile them all into a list one of these days.

But, anyway, as I was getting dressed to head out to work this morning, I was reminded once again about one of the many advantages of the cold, dark months of winter. The primary advantage for me, of course, is being able to work out excessively and not drip buckets full of sweat in the process.

But another convenience is getting dressed in the morning.

Nothing is easier than throwing on a sweater over some slacks or jeans, a big coat over that, and heading right out the door. In the winter time, no one is paying much attention to what you wear. And even if they are, you're wearing a big coat anyway -- so who's to know?

This is why I love it this time of year! Here in New York City, summer time is a pain in the ass in more ways than one. But one of the biggest peeves of mine is that too many people take the warmer months as an opportunity to model their wardrobes. It's kind of perverse how bad it gets here. On the subway, you get sized up from head to toe by pretty much every pair of eyes. Not because people are so nosy (although, insatiable human curiosity is certainly part of the blame), but because sitting on the subway waiting to arrive at your stop is supremely BORING! And, hey, checking out your fellow passengers is better than peering at that Citibank poster board for the umpteenth time, right? At least, that seems to be true of most MTA riders. I personally just read an e-book or close my eyes for the duration of my trip.

So in the summer time around here, everyone is in your business. And this means you must constantly be aware of what you're wearing. Mismatched color schemes or wrinkles can be covered up by a jacket during the colder months. But in the dog days of summer . . . you must step correct. Clothes need to be ironed and set -- and things need to MATCH!

I hate putting effort into the way I dress. It's the last thing I want to be doing. I hate clothes shopping, and even more clothes CHOOSING! But when you live in a big city where you are forced to interact daily with the press of humanity, there's a certain pressure to maintain at least a semblance of decorum about your person. For those of you who have the luxury of driving to and from work in the solitude and privacy of your own vehicle, you have my eternal envy. I'm pretty anti-social, so subway commuting in the big city is a major annoyance to me. And I have to do it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! Twice, in fact. Both ways! And summer time only cranks up that exasperation factor by twenty.

But here in January? No one cares. Everyone's too cold to notice what you're wearing. It's too dark in the morning, anyway. And that's right where I belong. I thrive best in environs where people ignore one another and go about their own business, just as it should be. And here in NYC, only during this brief window of December to March can you achieve such a perfect anti-social balance in a city populated by 8 million narcissistic souls.

Also, winter clothes never need to be ironed. Hallelujah! As long as you fold them nicely, or set them on hangers the night before, sweaters stay perfect no matter what! And, of course, there's always the big overcoat to hide it all anyway, as I've already mentioned. This means that I spend all of three minutes in the morning getting dressed for work -- which is HUGE, don't you know? It's literally the least amount of effort you can possibly expend to look passably decent. And that suits me just fine, pardon the pun. :)


  1. You look sooooooo New York! And I mean that as a compliment. :)

  2. My oldest always wears a pea coat too...well not in the summer

  3. Never thought I did, Jen. But that's interesting to hear you say. I guess to someone not from here I do. To me, this is just normal. And, yes, I took it as a compliment anyway. :) Thanks!

  4. Kim -- I lurv pea coats! Another big reason why winter time is so awesome. I get to wear 'em! :)

  5. aww.. look at you in your little beanie... :)
    Would it make you jealous to know that here on the beach you can pretty much wear whatever you want, and as little as you want as well? even at the shops.

  6. It seems to me, David you'd do well to visit Melbourne. As far as I can see we do not suffer from the pretensions to stylish dress that you describe on the subways of NY. I'm not sure I could stand that degree of scrutiny.

  7. Sprite -- Yes, just a tad. Although I love the cold so much, this last holiday to the islands reminded me that beach and sun isn't all that bad a thing after all. :)

    Elisabeth -- You're right, I would love to visit Melbourne! I almost did . . . two years ago for the World Science Fiction Convention held there. One of these days I will! But yes, where I live the styles are quite pretentious. Extremely similar to when we visited Paris, in fact. For a New Yorker, Paris is like deja-vu in terms of city cutlture and urban chic. The Parisians are just more practiced at the art, natually. :)

  8. Never thought of it that way, good point though I hardly ever try to dress to some grand plan.

  9. You're lucky, then. Despite all your horror stories about your commute home from work, I'd gladly trade places to be able to do so in the privacy of my own car. Alas, working in the heart of such a heavily congested city like New York makes it damn near prohibitive to own and operate a vehicle.

    So instead I put up with ugly stares and ugly smells on the subway, and drift off into space where I think up my own tales of escape and daring-do. Hey, maybe it's not such a bad thing after all! I mean, where else would I get fodder for my stories, eh? :)


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