Monday, January 30, 2012

April Is Coming!

Yes sir! A full teaser trailer for the 2nd season of HBO's Game of Thrones aired last night before the premiere of their new show, Luck. And here it is below for all your viewing pleasure:

(If the above clip is too choppy or cannot be viewed properly, click on this link for the YouTube version.)

How stoked are you now? If you're like me, then the answer is: FLLBBPT@$!#!!!! Oh, sorry about that. It's hard to talk when you're drooling so much. But BY THE SEVEN! That looked friggin AWESOME! I love how that sneaky fat eunuch, Varys, can't help himself from hinting at what's really going on behind the scenes of this continents-spanning game of power. But if he thinks Tyrion is one to be cowed or awed by such hintings, then the Master of Whispers has seriously underestimated the dwarf. Or has he?

Although this next season will only cover Book 2 (and perhaps even parts of Book 3, I hear), Varys' words in this trailer echo some pretty amazing plot turns that occur much later in the series. If you haven't read as far as Book 5 yet, not knowing what I'm referring to won't be a big deal. Although, I do have to say that inklings of the spy master's true role in all the political machinations afoot in this series has already been revealed in the first season. So it's probably no surprise to anyone that the bald fucker has more of a hand in things than someone of his station should. And if you've read Book 2 already, you know he and Tyrion will make for interesting "bed fellows" during the full-on shit storm to come this season.

Oh, trust me: It's going to be glorious! :)

Season 2 of Game of Thrones will air Sunday, April 1st, only on HBO!


EconomicDisconnect said...

Great pics on last post, looks like you had a great time. Maybe will catch up on season one after football and watch season 2.

David Batista said...

Pfft! Your empty promises mean nothing anymore, Dark Lord. Nothing!!! :)

Kim Kasch said...

My son's gfriend is soooo in to this too

Ashe Hunt said...


David Batista said...

Kim -- But of course, why wouldn't she? :)

T -- So you're saying you're mildly interested in this show, huh?

The Frisky Virgin said...

I would just like to echo: FLLBBPT@$!#!!!! lol

Now, I have a question: Please tell me that bratty little )*&%* King will get his. Can't stand him.

And, will we see the dragons? At the end of the season 1, Dani had those little dragons and I seriously wanted one. lol

Alittlesprite said...

All I can say is YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Antares Cryptos said...

HOMGeek, can't wait. But will have to until the second season is done. It's too addictive to wait an entire week for the next episode.
Please announce spoiler alerts.

David Batista said...

Frisky -- Of course I'm not going to give anything away, now. :) But I'll just remind you that in this series--as evidenced by Ned's fate in the first season--no one is exempt from getting the axe at any given moment. Sometimes literally! Pick any character--good or bad, major or minor--and you have to realize it's not a matter of IF they will get it in this series, but when. George R. R. Martin is one seriously grim mofo! And: There Will Be DRAGONS!!! Unfortunately, they will still be only babies for the course of this season.

Sprite -- WHEEEEEEEEE!!!

Ant -- Well, then you'll be waiting until mid-June to watch the show. And that's simply way too looooong for me to wait! Since I watched the show from week to week last year, I myself won't have a problem continuing that schedule. But, yes, it certainly is tempting to wait and watch it all in one or two sittings, innit? :)

And if I take up writing episodic reactions each week like I did last season, it would go without saying that all those will be rife with spoilers. But I'll try to remember to keep them only to those episode reactions and nowhere else on this blog. And, regardless, I will include a warning before each.

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