Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cruise Pics Are Up!

So I had a plan. See, it was a simple one as plans go. But, alas, as with most such endeavors, the simple ones blow up into these huge undertakings . . . and I find that I simply just don't have the energy or enthusiasm anymore. It happens.

I had planned to write this big, expansive trip report about the cruise we just returned from last Saturday. With tons of pics, too. And then I realized: that's what Facebook is for! So I went on there and uploaded all the relevant photos worth sharing (and trust me, the remaining ones -- let's just say the fewer who see those, the better), and VOILA! I was done. Nothing more about our nice little holiday needed to be said. Finito.

So, this is to say if anyone is so inclined to see what a fabulous time Lisa and I had on our fantastic voyage around the Eastern Caribbean, head on over to my Facebook photo album linked here. I've provided enough captions with each photo to tell the full story of our gala excursion, anyway, so no one should be left in the dark.

Just remember: click on the first pic . . . and then click on it again to get to the next one in the sequence. That simple! Oh and needless to say, if you're already friends with me on Facebook you've probably seen these already. Sorry.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend so far. I spent all day battling some ridiculous virus eating away all my hard drive space on this 8 year old machine. See, I came back from our vacation to find that roughly 50 gigabytes of free space had vanished in the interim. Ye gods! Now how the hell did that happen? Well it seems some mysterious malware culprit was self-replicating and using up all my hard earned space. But, anyway, I got it all squared away--and with more room to spare. I regained the 50, and an additional 32 GB to boot after a thorough purging of some years old files I really had no business holding on to. I'm now up to 82 GB of freed-up disk space, out of a 120 GB HDD. Disaster averted!

As for the rest of my night? I think I'll turn in and begin reading a new book I've put off for far too long:

Oooh, I can't wait!


  1. Amazing pics, David. It always blows my mind to think how darned BIG those cruise ships are!

  2. Loved your pics! Still jealous. ha! So glad you y'all had such a wonderful time!

  3. I did like your pics :) nice one of you on here to :)

  4. LOVE the pictures! You two are so dang adorable!

    That bowling alley looked awesome. I love me some bowling--it looked like one with funky lights and stuff and I've never seen one of those, but I'd love to! What a wonderful trip you two had!

  5. Aww, thanks everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed the pics. I certainly had a lot of fun in the taking of them. :)


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