Monday, January 2, 2012

How Bout Them G-Men, Eh?

Well, this was an awesome night for my NY Giants. Way to go, Big Blue!!! Sucks to be a fan of any Texas-based team this Sunday, but sometimes that's just the way the cards are dealt. But at least one of your teams is still going to the playoffs, Texas. Us New York football fans--with (count 'em) THREE pro teams to root behind--are certainly no stranger to drawing all blanks come the post-season.

But not this year. Oh no, 2012 is already starting off to a promising start. What a happy New Year, indeed! :)

It's funny, because at the start of the season I had that OTHER New York team heading to the post--those Jets. I am and always will be a Giants fan, though, so in my heart of hearts I secretly wished that they would be the ones to pull it off. And boy did I get my wish!

And you can't write them off as a fluke, either. I mean, their offense is really starting to look dangerous out there, folks! I mean *really* dangerous. It's too early yet, and I don't want to jinx things . . . but, yeah. I'll just leave it at that. But you know that saying about waking the sleeping giant, right? 'Nuff said.

They face Atlanta next week. Will be a tough game, but one that will be on our home turf. The Giants are pretty confident at home, so this could end up being one for the ages. If somehow they make it through and have to face the Packers next, though, I think I might have to take the week off sick as I'm going to possibly pass out from nerves.

But in the meantime, hey -- FIRST BLOG ENTRY OF THE NEW YEAR! w00t!

Have a good night, everybody.


  1. Happy new year, David!

    I watched the Seattle Seahawks last game yesterday, here in Toronto, and was heartbroken to see them lose in overtime. I just wanted them to end the season on a high note.

    It's funny, I was never much a football fan when we last lived in Canada, but after four years in Seattle where football is a religion, I know now I will always be a Hawks fan. :)

  2. I guess the character of Morris in your book(s) comes out of this new found fandom, eh? :) Reading his scenes, I had a feeling you knew your football. Or at least, had an appreciation for the sport. Kewl!

    Hey, congrats on your move. And, oh, I'm so jealous now that you're in my favorite city I've yet to visit. :)

  3. Oh I beg to differ David! While I'm over the moon excited that the Cowgirls lost! I'm bummed yes, that the Texans couldn't pull it off on Sunday, BUT they're still going to the playoffs annnnnd, the U of H Cougars won in today's Ticket City Bowl, redeeming themselves and that awesome 12-0 record. So you see, not ALL was lost in Texas. :) I'm glad the Giants won! SOOO GLAD! :)

  4. Yes, I know. Like I said, your Texans are still in the post season despite the loss. But I know some fans were still upset to see a loss regardless. I, myself, wouldn't be. Especially if my team had a 10-6 record.

    And, congrats on your Cougars! Way to go!!!


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