Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Study In Extremes

So, I'm back. Miss me?

We just got in a few hours ago, and I'm pretty beat. But just wanted to say that this last week spent traipsing across the western portions of the Caribbean was a blast! Lisa and I had tons of fun, tons of sun . . . and tons of FOOD! Oink, oink!

As per usual upon returning from a cruise (and we've been on THREE now!), it's kinda hard getting used to not being waited on hand and foot, and to not having copious amounts of food and drink being shoved in your direction at all hours of the day and night. You'd be surprised how fast you can get accustomed to such kingly treatment.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. We're back in the mean ol' boogie-down Bronx tonight, and boy the differences could not be any more extreme! See, we left behind daily temps in the upper 70s and low 80s, with vistas such as these:

(That's the island of St. Martin, btw) . . . Only to have the airplane descend through the clouds over New York City today and reveal the following landscape spread out below us:

Wow! Talk about a slap in the face back to reality, eh? We went from perfect beach weather every day of the week, to 25 degrees and 5 inches of freshly fallen snow on the ground. Brrrr!

I took the pic above right through the airplane's window as we flew over Far Rockaway on approach to JFK airport. And once landed and through the terminal, was met with the most intense, meat-freezer like temperatures I've ever felt. And this from the guy who has an unnaturally high tolerance for the cold. Wow! Guess all that beach and Mai Tai drinks went to my head.

Although, it wasn't all warmth and sunshine while we were away. Our cruise ship had an onboard ice lounge, whereby patrons donned wool gloves and [faux] fur-lined parkas before stepping through a freezer door into a bar and lounge comprised almost entirely of ice! The thermometer hovered on or just above 0 degree Fahrenheit. How's that for COLD??? Lisa couldn't stand three minutes of it before having to bail. I myself loved it! I had three arctic-inspired beverages in specially designed ice-cube chalices. Yes, these were glasses made from frozen water! You could feel the bone-numbing coldness seep through the wool gloves, people! It was so cold that my lips became numb after just a few sips, and as a result some of my drink dribbled down my chin and onto the parka. What a clutz!

Still, I'll leave you with this blurry iPhone pic of me toasting the Icelandic gods of ice and . . . er, more ice. Skål, everybody!

Some of you on Facebook have already seen these pics, but I should be posting up a host of others shortly. In the meantime, I hope you all behaved in my absence, and that your week was a great one too! I'll try to update more deets about our trip in the days to come.


  1. Glad you had a good time, but have you ever considered moving to the Antarctic?;)

  2. The last picture cracked me up on Facebook when you posted it!

    I know what you mean about getting used to the kingly treatment. Whenever I get back from a vacation, I find myself waking up and wondering where the breakfast buffet is!

    Welcome home. Glad you had a great trip. I may have disliked you just a tiny little bit while you were gone. ;)

  3. Wow! That ice lounge is one crazy idea. And it makes me wonder what sort of beverages stay liquid at that temperature? Something rather alcoholic, I think :)

  4. Ant -- Yeah, that's not as crazy sounding an idea to me as you might think! I just love the cold so much.

    Jen -- The weather was absolutely perfect! Though, what I loved the most about visiting the Caribbean this time of year is knowing that at any time I could go back home and resume winter. So as much fun as I had living in t-shirts, shorts, and sandals for 7 days . . . I was equally as excited to be coming back to a grey and snow-shrouded New York. Awesome sauce! :)

    Ian -- Yup, you got it in one! I'll probably go into more detail about the Ice Bar in my next post, where I'll also include more pics -- including a menu of the specially formulated drinks on offer which all used vodka as their base. And vodka is my favorite alcohol for mixed drinks, btw. :)

  5. Yay! Glad you're back! Even though I'm still jealous of not only your vacay, but your snow back home! My mom tells me I should have been a penguin, because I absolutely love cold weather! Ha! Can't wait to hear all about you and your wife's shenanigans! Oh yeah, that last picture cracked me up as well, when I first saw it! :)

    1. Wait! Did you say Vodka? Um, Grey Goose, please! :)


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