Monday, February 6, 2012

Pictorial Of A Miracle Win

Wow, it's absolutely bananas here in New York City the day after that momentous win at Super Bowl XLVI!!!

You know, I feel bad for non-sports fans because it's like the whole damn media won't shut the hell up! I'm thrilled as all get-out that my Giants won, though, so it's hard for me to complain too loudly. But, yeah, I can see how this might be annoying to some. Were I a Pats fan, I would just refrain from watching tv or listening to the radio for the next week. It's better this way.

Anyway, the game for me was extremely good up until halftime. Then I started getting this sick feeling. I just felt . . . it was over for us! And that 3rd quarter was no help. I felt like I was on the worst roller-coaster ride of all time. Emotions all over the place!

For me, this game was more down to the wire than even 2008's Super Bowl. In that game, because of how expertly the G-Men dismantled the Pats' defense, I kinda had a feeling they were going to win. But this time? HELL NO! I came, I saw . . . I laughed, I cried, and finally I cheered!

But when all was said and done, I felt like lady luck was a NY fan on this night. I've already had heated discussions with other sports fan today who disagree with me, but I feel like we could have lost spectacularly in three key places were it not for blind, stupid luck:

1) If Mario Manningham doesn't catch that ridiculous 38-yard pass with some serious heat on his back

2) If Wes Welker--usually so clutch in situations like this--doesn't fumble that tricky, so crucial catch

3) And if, in the very last seconds of the game, Tom Brady's desperation Hail Mary connects with Aaron Hernandez

If either one of these three points had happened differently, I'd be singing a terrible song of woe, heartbreak, and despair this fine day.

But Lady Luck smiled down on us, for reasons no one will ever know. And I thank her. :) This win lifted my spirits like nothing else could, even though I usually don't let sports outcomes hold much sway over me. But this was different. I mean, this was BIG! I initially thought we had lost because I was on a DVR time delay and I didn't hear any wild cheering and carrying-on outside my windows in the streets below. It happened with the win over San Fran, after all. But I think the folks of the Bronx were simply too stunned to act out. And when I finally caught up with real time on the television, I understood why:

They did it. Those boys in blue DID IT!!! Twice in 4 years! Who the hell would have thunk it at the beginning of this season?

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be the big parade. Ugh! As much as I love this win for us, I happen to work directly on the same route these championship parades wander down. Worse, my office building is located just short of where the parade ends, so all the crowds congregate right where we are and block off any possible exits from our lobby. It's going to be a zoo out there tomorrow . . . makes a fella almost want to work from home.


Naturally, I wouldn't miss it for the world! I'll try to take pics from the big communal corner window there if possible. It's going to be nice to hear some positive chanting and crowd demonstrations so close to Wall Street for a change.

Happy Monday, folks. I certainly couldn't have asked for a better start to the week. WOOO-HOOOOOOO!!!!!


  1. Congrats to you! It was such a great game! I was sooooooo happy they pulled out the win! I bet the NY is in a permanent state of euphoria right now! How awesome is that!??? I celebrated last night and thankfully, I was off today! So it was indeed a GREAT way to start the week! :)

    1. Lucky you! I seriously should have considered taking the day off. Ugh! I felt like half-baked leftovers from the night before. But still I got myself into the office and somehow made it through the day. I don't even know how I'll handle tomorrow, but excitement will be very high and that euphoria might just propel me to an easy Tuesday at work. One can hope.

      Thanks for cheering Big Blue, Yvonne. You're the best!

  2. I have never been a football fan - well unless you're talking about European football. But my daughter...I called her yesterday to see if she wanted to join us for an afternoon movie. She said, "It's Superbowl Sunday." I was like, "So...?" She didn't join us :( instead she was happy to see "her team" win. I was thinking, "Your team?" We live in Oregon. She didn't get my point.

    A mother and daughter at odds over football.

    1. Too funny, Kim! But hey, your daughter has excellent taste in football teams, at least. :)

  3. Between you and our mutual friend Economic Disconnect, I don't know what to say!

    I was cheering for the Pats. But I really didn't have a dog in the fight. Happy for you that your team pulled it out!

    1. Yeah, Jen . . . I wondered who you were rooting for. But don't worry, I don't mix friends with politics or sports. We can all still get along! *hugs*


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