Friday, April 13, 2012

Life Is Meaningless And Full Of Sorrow

No, I promise, I haven't gone EMO on you all.

Meet Henri -- Henri "le chat noir." Henri is a very depressed black cat, full of apathy and ennui. Happiness in the midst of routine everyday life eludes him, even as he's surrounded by luxuries, freedom (or sometimes lack thereof), and loving caretakers who try their best. In other words, Henri is . . . very, very FRENCH!

Of course, I jest. I have nothing against the French. Lovely people, really. These short-short films by one Will Braden are actually a hoot, voiced over in Henri's horrible French and just too adorable to ignore. They remind me of every pretentious French art film I've ever tried to sit through and failed. But if you live with or otherwise adore cats like I do, you'll no doubt get a kick out of the original Henri video as well as its sequel, Henri 2: Paws de Deux:

I believe Will put together this popular Youtube video 5 years ago, which as you know is a terribly long time in cat years. The sequel was just released a few days ago, and Henri is visibly older but no less apathetic with his life. And his French has not much improved either, poor kitty! On the flip side, he does have a new energetic white companion to share in his misery:

I've been cracking up to these videos all morning. I love them!


Antares Cryptos said...

Ditto. Coincidence, I was going to use them for my next notimetowritepostingcatvidpost.

Cracked me up, the door at the end...hilarious.

The french is questionable, but the vids are so francais.*still chuckling*

David Batista said...

Wow, Ant -- that is a coincidence! Definitely post them up for your series. I'm sure your readers will get a kick out of these. After all, who hasn't known a cat like Henri? These vids are brilliant!

Alittlesprite said...

Oh I LOVE these. The second one is better I think. Love the long turning head at 1:30.
Poor 'enri. E needs some bon minou amour.

David Batista said...

Yeah, you can tell he's using a better camera to film the second vid. My how technology advances in 5 years, huh? Plus, the writing is better . . . and that head turn kills me! It's so awesome that I rewatch that part over and over. I wonder how he pulled that off?

It's been several years since my little kitty, Tiger, left us at the ripe old age of 19. Watching this made me want another now.

Antares Cryptos said...

I don't believe in duplication of work. I'll just link back here.
I agree, the writing is better in the second. Clever idea.

Kitten season is coming, if your building allows it, why not rescue one? ;)

David Batista said...

Oh, my building allows it. But whether the wife will, that's the bigger obstacle. :) You make a good point, though: It is that time of year, ain't it?

Antares Cryptos said...

Seasoned rescuer, this is how it's done:
"They're going to keep this poor orphaned little guy in a cage."
Then "aaaawwww". They can't resist and you have a cat. Voila.

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