Friday, February 1, 2013

Because, Sometimes

I'm a grown man, I know. But sometimes I can't help but revert to the way things used to be once upon a long time ago.

Because, sometimes . . .

I still like to stomp through puddles after a rainstorm.
I miss my mommy when the world is scary and life uncertain.
I'll pretend to have super powers, like flight or invincibility.
I must have milk with my cookies. Right. NOW!!!

And sometimes:

I still like a good bedtime story.
I get shy around pretty girls.
I don't care if I'm dirty.
I'll chat with my li'l bro for hours about video games.
I believe in happy endings.

Because, sometimes . . . I'm still 4 years old, and Summertime never ends.


  1. How beautiful! Sometimes you still surprise me by the depth of your sweetness. :) I hope you always stomp around in puddles after a rainstorm and I hope you never stop believing in happy endings. :) And after our Vermont adventure, and your never ending trips to the cookie jar, I now know that you really like cookies! :)

  2. Awww, how incredibly adorable you are! May you never stop believing in happy endings or stop running in puddles after a rainstorm. Everyone needs to have that "inner child" make appearances from time to time. I love cookies with milk! "C" is for cookie!!! :)

  3. Letting out the inner child is healthy.
    *Draws with crayons*

  4. Loving that the poet in you still lives. I likes a lot! I think we got along so well partly because our inner children recognized each other even though we didn't meet until the beginning of young adulthood.

  5. Cutie pie!

    There is no happiness like the happiness you feel when you're 4 years old. :) Great post.

  6. Thanks for the great comments, everyone! Sorry for the late reply, but I've been away from a reliable internet connect for most of the week. And then we had the blizzard. You know how it is . . . :)


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