Saturday, March 30, 2013

Game of Thrones Reviews

Stannis is patiently waiting for Dragonstone
Cable to upgrade his HBO subscription.

So, that time is fast approaching us. In fact, the new season of Game of Thrones will begin in less than 13 hours. I can't believe we're finally here!

As you may recall, I've been doing recaps of each new episode for the past two seasons now. You can still find those recaps and impressions by clicking on the links below:

Season 1 recaps.
Season 2 recaps.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints and ongoing personal circumstances, I will not be able to provide such detailed and wordy services any longer. But fear not, I won't leave you completely hanging. Starting with tomorrow's episode, you will find on this very blog a review written each week by yours truly. It won't be anything too flashy or in-depth, just a normal length review with a grade at the end. The old format was just too much for me to keep up with. Especially since these episodes air late on a Sunday night when I have to go to bed for work bright and early the next morning.

Unfortunately again, HBO in their unending wisdom chose to air the season premiere on Easter Sunday of all days. D'oh! I'm going to be upstate in the countryside visiting family for most of the day, and will be pressed to even catch the episode on its original air date, let alone write up a review for it. So this is my way of saying to expect the first review rather late in the week. I will try for Wednesday at the latest, but hopefully you'll see it earlier. Keep your fingers crossed!

In the meantime, for those fans of the show who can't recall much of the complicated plot and machinations of the past two seasons (and don't worry, no one blames you!), here is a 10-minute recap in video form provided by those same kind folks at HBO. I hope this gets you back in the mood to visit Westeros and unending quest to claim the Iron Throne. On a side note, I wouldn't recommend watching this unless you've seen the first two seasons already. Newcomers won't be able to make much sense of what in the seven hells is going on here:

Hope you're getting ready. All the bloody fun and intrigue from last season will continue tomorrow night at 9:00 pm EST!


  1. Hope you are having a good Easter weekend, David.

    One of these days I'll track down the books because they sound like something I'd enjoy, but I know I'd have to give them my full attention to follow the plot, and that is not something I have time for yet :)

  2. Yes, I had a good Easter. Drove 130 miles to have a nice, quiet Sunday dinner with the family. Unfortunately, the drive back down in torrential downpours was not so nice. But I made it back intact and, as you can see, lived to blog again! :)

    I hope you and yours had a good one as well, Ian.

  3. So, I watched the recap and surprisingly enough there were a couple of scenes in there I didn't remember....

    IS it possible I missed an episode of last season??

  4. Just came by to say Hi.
    I have this idiosyncrasy with GOT, must.marathon.them.can't.wait.

    How are you?


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