Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thank Heaven I Was Born A Man!

A few months ago I wrote this piece specifying all the qualities, both physical as well as intellectual, that I found attractive in the opposite gender. Some of you may remember that, on the physical side of things, I tended to favor women with oblong faces and high cheekbones, with long dark hair and smoldering almond-shaped eyes. I mentioned how these traits naturally drew me toward the Asia Minor and Subcontinent parts of the world, as this is where you'll most likely find ladies embodying this particular classification of female perfection.

And then, the other day, I beheld this Aveda commercial for some hair product or technique I wasn't paying too much attention to, because it felt like a thunderbolt had struck me from the sky:

(You can find a longer, more detailed, version of this commercial by clicking here.)

And I think it's pretty clear why I was not paying so much attention to whatever the hell this commercial is selling, right? I mean, WOW! I had to rewind the DVR several times to behold the wonder I was seeing. Who was she? Why is she only doing Aveda commercials? By god, I must rush to the Internet and learn more!!!

And learn more I did. Well, sorta. It turns out that this very lovely woman is a relatively unknown fashion model from the Netherlands named Asal Soltani. She is of Persian and Dutch descent and, I believe, is currently working in Milan. Unfortunately, that was about the extent of all I could find out.


However, all was not lost. I did come back with some pretty hot pictures of Ms. Soltani, which I will share here of course. Since the majority of my readers are female, you must bear with me and allow me this one male indulgence. You all know me. I don't do this very often.

So, uh . . . yeah. She pretty much rocks my boat. I mean, hard! In particular her eyes are what really captivate me. She's not your typical looking runway model, which is a nice change. I'm so tired of the blonde, Nordic look. Aren't you?

Where are the Asal Soltani's of the world? If you're out there . . . call me, maybe.


  1. She's no Steffi Graf but she is very beautiful in her own way! ;). You certainly know how to pick 'em. As for calling you. . . I think not. :)

  2. You're such a man! hahaha! She IS very beautiful. I agree with you. But grrrr! Now I have that ridiculous song in my head, "Call me maybe" or baby, or whatever it's called. See? I don't even know the name of it, just that I can't stand it! ha!

  3. Cin -- Your Steffi Graf obsession is getting old! You need new material, LOL! :) And you never know, it's not without the realm of possibility for some gorgeous Persian or Indian hottie to call me up sometime. Now that word's been put out here on this blog, I'm sure it's only a matter of time . . .

    Yvonne -- you always crack me up! :) It is a catchy tune, eh? And, LOL! I guess I am a man. Reading this over, it is actually funny how the point of the commercial just went completely over my head. I mean, I barely even heard the narrator selling the product. It's pretty obvious that men are not the target demographic of this ad. Although, by casting Ms. Soltani, I have to wonder about that. She's VERY distracting. Hmmmm.

  4. This is an example of brilliant marketing. They sell to the girls, and keep the guy's attention for the NEXT commercial by displaying a woman so gorgeous you can't help but stare at her.

    The Advertising people are simply MAD geniuses!!

  5. Hum, tired of the Nordic look...never ;D if I was, I think my husband would be in trouble :D


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