Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy, Happy

Yes, the title of this entry is sarcasm.

Anyway, I don't intend to be a spoil sport. A New Year's Scrooge, if you will. No. Everyone knows what a sucktacular year 2013 has been to me. To make matters worse that human muppet on ABC, Ryan Seacrest, just advised me to "grab someone I love" as the ball was dropping in Times Square, yet I was sitting on my couch all alone in my apartment just staring coldly at the screen. Remembering all the many memories of NYEs past--both the good and the bad.

But, no. Let me stop with the negativity. It's another year and a fresh beginning. Here's to wishing all the best to everyone out there.

Happy 2014, everybody.



  1. Oh, David, that's sad! I wish I'd thought to drop you a supportive email to keep you company. I hope you can put the events of 2013 behind you and start life with a clean slate.

  2. Break the pattern friend!!! More positive thoughts and happiness is being sent to you via this post. It's a new year, clean slate. Let's make it a great one! We deserve it! And? Ryan Seacrest is an idiot AND a muppet! :) Hugs to you all the way from here! :)

  3. You know things are going badly when your blog posts read like *I* wrote them.

    Misery loves company, so if it helps, I slept through the whole New Year's celebration thing. I just couldn't bring myself to care about it all any more.

    I wish you all the good luck I can muster for a truly EPIC 2014, man. I leave you with an inspirational quote:

    "It can't rain all the time."
    --Eric Draven, "The Crow"

  4. David, I hope you find some answers in 2014. Take the time to heal and just know that I will always be there for you.

  5. As always--thanks to all of you, my wonderful friends, for the shot in the arm I need to start off a new year in a new situation. :)

    I promise to be a little more positive in the future. Beyond saying that much, I don't want to jinx it!


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