Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dancing On A Saturday Night

So, for the first time ever I went clubbing this weekend.

Yes, you read that right. I've never been clubbing before. Correction, I did go last year with my awesome friend, Jennifer Hillier, who was in town on writerly business and brought her bestie along so we could all have a fun time out on the town together. But see, that night ended up being Queer Night--or some other similarly titled event--at the club I had chosen. So we only stayed for about 20 mins, and never danced once, before getting the hell out of there with the quickness! It was a very weird vibe there that was not in the least conducive to dancing. *shudder*

But this weekend I decided to give the same club another shot. I mean, it's normally supposed to be a cool, retro, 80's themed venue called, appropriately, the "Culture Club," located in the heart of midtown Manhattan. And if you know me, that sounds right down my alley, right? I had my misgivings. It's notoriously hard to find out any information on what's going on in this place on any given Friday or Saturday night. So I had to go and pray to both the old gods and the new that I was not walking into another awkward gay-love trap.

It's not officially the 80s if it does not have Pac-Man.

Happy to say everything went off without a hitch! Culture Club is where both genuine 80s kids and wannabes alike can go for dancing and drinking while tunes from that era blast through the speakers into the wee hours of the morning. It used to be located in a much larger venue a bit farther downtown, but the new location was adequate enough, I thought.

Drinks are stupendously expensive here, even by NYC prices.

However, another first this night was me dancing. Yes, except for my school prom and my wedding reception, I've never danced in public before. Heck, I don't dance in private, either! And I've certainly never gone to a club to dance. I suck at it. But I must say I had a damn fun time trying, at least. Seriously, it was exactly what I needed. Although it got super crowded by around 11pm, no one was being an asshole on the dance floor, and at some point the entire club joined in unison to belt out the choruses for some of the most beloved and iconic songs of that era. Shouting along to "Livin' on a Prayer!" at the top of my lungs (yes, a few drinks had been imbibed at this point) will forever be one of my most cherished memories of the night. Tubular!

Tiny main dance stage is tiny. But we made it work.

I had more fun than should have been possible, and I daresay it's made me curious to try this whole club/dancing thingy again. Preferably at another location, but maybe I'll return back here again sometime soon since I had such a good time.

And if any of you blogger friends of mine are ever in town and want to hit up Culture Club, let me know. I'm totally game! Like, totally.


  1. You are no longer a club virgin. Thank me later. :) It was so much fun! And you dance just fine, no need to worry about that. I had a great time and I am glad you did too. What club should we hit up next? ;)

  2. Thanks for popping my club cherry, Cin. Haha! Maybe you should come up with the next one, though.

  3. You didn't dance that time we went clubbing? I don't remember now... probably because we'd had a few shots at the bar before the club, haha. What I do remember is feeling completely invisible since we were the only straight people there, which was kind of awesome (nobody bothering us), but then I felt a bit left out because there was nobody who wanted to grind with me. HA!

    I think you should go dancing more. I think it's good to let loose and scream lyrics!

  4. Jen -- Nope! We didn't dance that night. We wanted to, even despite the theme of the night, but I don't think the three of us were feeling it all that much. That night made me very reluctant to go back! But this time I have to say it was exactly what I had wanted it to be last year when we went. You missed out big time! :(

  5. Oooh look at you, clubbing and dancing! Glad you had such a good time! It's always good to let go and let loose once in awhile. Hope you do it more often :)

  6. I will, Yvonne. Perhaps when you and Jen are ever in town? Uh-oh! :)


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