Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My New Sports Crush

With all the news on tv lately about the success of the US Women's National Team at the 2015 FIFA World Cup, I suppose it was only inevitable that my old sport's crush, Olympic Ice Dancing gold medalist Meryl Davis, would be supplanted by someone off that roster. And so it has happened.

Meet my new, new sport's crush:

Oh, Christen Press. Why have I not known about you until now?

Perhaps it's because I barely watch men's soccer, let alone women's? Except at the Olmpics, or at the FIFA World Cup, that is. And so I suppose this makes sense, then. But I only started watching this particular cup last week when the American women's team went up against China. Being that China is my second country (adopted), I was more than a little invested in this match-up. I still wanted the USA to win, of course. And win they did! But it was during that game that I learned a little about Ms. Press:

At first I tried to ignore 26 yr old, 5ft 7in, Ms. Christen Annemarie Press, one of the national team's skilled Forwards. Just another sweaty face on the team, I thought. But when they started airing interviews of her off the grass and before the game, that's when I noticed two things:

1) Just how striking she looked (longish, angular face; thin athletic build; cute mouth and wondrous smile; and -- omg, those green eyes! *swoons*); and also

2) How personable and humble she seemed.

I don't know about you, but something about that combo just gets me EVERY TIME! More so the down-to-earthness of a gal. I hate arrogant, snobbish people. And in athletics, that's pretty much anyone good enough to play on the national or world level.

But not Christen Press. Something about her is just so endearing. She captivates me! And as if to hammer the message home even more, just this past weekend I saw one of her Coppertone commercials air for the very first time. Must be due to all the hype about the World Cup. Here it is:

There? Do you see what I'm talking about? Full on CRUSH!!!

How can you even question it? Does she not just melt you all the way through to the core? Well, maybe not -- if you're not me. But still! :)

Anyway, I'll be sure to watch more women's soccer now. I'm especially excited our national team is in the semifinals and going up against Germany tonight, of all teams. It's *always* Germany, isn't it? And in the meantime, as I am wont to do, I'll leave you with more Christen Press:


Oh, and ...  ... GO USA!!!

And just for good measure, here is one last video - an interview with Christen and her World Cup teammate, Kelley O'Hara. I love this clip so much!


  1. Ha! GO USA! Alright, I suppose since I too have written about my crushes from time to time, I can indulge yours as well. :)

    Glad you are writing!

  2. It's all in good fun. I am watching the World Cup for more than just Christen, haha! ;)


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