Monday, August 1, 2016

Happy August!!!

I'm so happy August is finally here, which means that Summer is almost OVAR!!!!

So in honor of what should be a major national holiday -- Auggie Day, anyone??? -- I will present you with a rare and much sought after sight: a portrait in which I am *gasp* SMILING!!!

I know, I know. Dogs and cats, living together! And all that jazz. But yes, this is me happy. Because ... just cuz, you know?

Also, I was practicing with my camera again. That, too. This one is a very fancy selfie. I propped my Canon T5i "Rebel" up on a stack of books, pointed it dead at my ugly mug, and set the timer to a 2-sec shutter release, and then --- let loose them pearly whites!!!

But, uh, yeah. Back to the occasion of it all. These dreadful heat-ray days are almost over. True, the worst is probably yet to come in the month ahead, but at least we're making progress toward my favorite two seasons: Fall and Winter (is coming). And so I'm smiling today. You should, too.

That is all.

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