Saturday, October 19, 2019

Last Summer Day of Fall

As usual, it takes a while for true Fall to kick in around these parts in New York City. Other areas surrounding us might get cooler quicker (especially North of the Bronx), but here in the city things stay annoyingly toasty and warm for a bit longer.

We recently had just such a day, unusually warm for this time of year. Cin and I decided to make the best of it and spend the morning going for a walk along the waterfront. Aside from all the tourists it wasn't such a bad day, but it did get quite hot as the morning progressed -- reaching 83 degrees by noon time. Ugh!

But it wasn't all sweaty doom and gloom for me. As you can see by the above photo, I brought my Canon camera along and made a little unofficial photo shoot of it with Cin being my ever patient model and muse. Below is a collage of all the wonderful pics I was able to make with her as the subject:

I have to say, even though I have such basic camera gear and lenses -- very much on the amateur or "enthusiast" end of things, for sure -- I was very pleased with what I was able to pull off on my compositions this day. Not bad for just a quick bit of walking around, and running 'n' gunning-style of photo shooting.

This, however, ended up being my favorite photo of the whole ordeal, taken toward the tail end as we climbed up to Brooklyn Heights and finished our walk along the Promenade up there:

God, I just love her smile here. And that playful, teasing look in her eyes. Her face is like a budding photographer's dream come true!


Anyway, that ended up being almost the last photo for the day, but not the very last. Even though I almost forgot, I had to somehow get in a photo of the two of us together, of course. Which is sorta tricky when you're the one who's the photographer. But still, it ended up being a simple thing when you have so many other people milling about:

It's always nice to get one of the two of us together. Unfortunately, I don't smile much in pictures. At least, not of the kind where I show teeth. I usually have a more subdue, subtle, almost barely there kind of smile. Cin makes up for the both of us, though, as she always has such a big and lovely smile. One of my favorite physical aspects about her, that smile.

Alas, though, I think I can say for certain that we are done with Summer weather around here. The long range forecast is showing nothing but 60s and even some 50s during the day for the next two weeks or so. Which reminds me: I need to take down the window AC units at some point soon. Can't have them in still by the time old man Winter rolls through.

For the time being, though .... how are you all enjoying October?


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