Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Catching Up

Just haven't had much to write about as late. Not anything personal, at least.

Yes, that's my excuse for not updating this blog more often. Aside from being crazy busy at work, I find myself apathetic whenever I sit at the keyboard and about to pour my heart out here on this blog. It's like: meh! Why bother getting worked up in a frenzy about anything anymore? That's really how I feel sometimes.

To be honest, nothing interesting has really happened to me these past few months. The nasty whirlwind that was the first half of 2013 has for the most part settled down to a day-to-day normalcy of work, working out, and trying to get back into writing my short stories. And while I am making progress on the latter, I'm afraid the enthusiasm to blog anymore has severely waned.

That all being said -- I guess I will catch you up on recent events. Or, just my thoughts on them. Which is not much either way, let me warn you now.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Model Spotlight: PRIYANKA CHOPRA

Continuing on the trend of exposing my Indian and Persian ... er, preferences, I'm here to bring yet another model from that part of the world into focus. Although, unlike the previous two entries in my ongoing Model Spotlight series, this beauty hardly needs any introduction if you've been paying attention to Bollywood over the past half-decade or so.

Name:  Priyanka Chopra
A.K.A.:  Priyanka
Profession:  Model; Actress; Singer
Hometown:  Bareilly - Uttar Pradesh, India
Age:  31
Accolades:  Miss World (2000); Various Bollywood awards for Best Actress, etc.
Current:  Filming biopic on 5-time World Boxing champion and Olympian, Mary Kom.

Born to parents who were both doctors in the Indian Army, Priyanka Chopra grew up at various military postings all over Northern India. In her teens, she spent four years living with one of her aunts in the United States, before returning to India to finish out her high school education. Her subjects of interest were computer science and criminal psychology, with a background in the performing arts. By her own admission, Priyanka was a rather gangly and awkward girl in early adolescence, being mostly left alone as the outsider when attending school in the U.S. However, by 2000 she had grown into a remarkable beauty and her mother entered her in the Miss Femina India pageant, where she came in as the runner-up and winner of the Miss India World title. Later that year, she went on to win the top prize of Miss World, which then paved the way for numerous modeling commitments as well as film roles in the burgeoning Bollywood film industry.

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