Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ep. 5 Reactions: "The Wolf and the Lion"

It's been a fun 4 weeks leading up to this 5th episode, but now it's time to get serious! If I'm remembering the books correctly, this is where the story starts to get really intricate. Yeah, you heard right. If you had trouble following all the plot points before, well then you better buckle yourself in for a bumpy ride. Because, honestly, things are going to start coming at you fast and furious now.

Before I start up the episode on my trusty ole DVR, however, I would like to take a brief moment to remind you all why I write these detailed reactions. Primarily it's to have fun sharing my most private geek out moments with you all as I experience a show based on a book series I hold in very high esteem.

But, also, I do this so that those watching the show who have not read the books can keep track of all the names and various plot points, and even hint at how everything eventually ties together. Ideally, you should watch the episode and then come here to make sure you didn't miss a little clue here, or a plot crumb there, that might otherwise hinder your maximum enjoyment threshold of the show.

Yes, I just used "maximum enjoyment threshold" in an actual sentence.

Hopefully, reading these scene reactions will help make sense of some of the more confusing elements of the show, particularly all the many characters and their precise relationships with one another. Because even if you read the books this stuff can be quite a bit much to swallow. So, who better to point things out than your resident A Song of Ice and Fire nerd?

So, you see, this is my civic duty to y'all. Don't forget it! And in the meantime, if you would like to check out my reactions to any of the previous episodes, feel free to click on the appropriate link below:

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And now, let us begin the show!




As usual, HBO runs a brief recap of the previous episode. Here's the gist of what you need to know:

The Mountain--Ser Gregor Clegane--killed the recently knighted Ser Hugh of the Vale in a freak lance accident during a joust. Ser Hugh was the one man that might have known what really happened to the previous King's Hand, Jon Arryn.

Ned investigates a huge tome on noble lineages of the realm Arryn had been reading just before his death. His hunt leads him to an armorer's apprentice, who Ned suspects is King Robert's bastard son. The young man, Gendry, has the same eyes and dark complexion as his father.

Having discovered that the dagger which an assassin used in an attempt on her son's life belonged to Tyrion Lannister, Catelyn Stark has the dwarf arrested after a chance meeting at a roadside inn. She plans to take him back to Winterfell and make him stand trial for his crime.


Ah, just as I suspected! The opening credits sequence has been updated slightly this week. After King's Landing and before heading north to Winterfell, the camera makes a detour northeast to The Vale, where Jon Arryn's stronghold, The Eyrie, can be found. Lysa Arryn, Jon's fresh widow, resides there now with their only son. Lysa is also Catelyn Stark's younger sister. Afterwards, the camera zooms north and west over The Bite and returns to Winterfell. The rest of the sequence is the same as the previous weeks.

So, guess we know the new location where at least one scene is taking place this episode! :)


A long shot of the Red Keep and then a stone bridge leading away from King's Landing. This shot is BEAUTIFUL! Eddard "Ned" Stark crosses the bridge on his way to the Tourney grounds.

Just as I suspected! The huge tournament scene in the book was split between two episodes. Last week was only the tip of the iceberg.

Ned finds Ser Barristan "the Bold" Selmy, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, standing Watch over the body of Ser Hugh as a couple of Sisters of the Seven prepare the corpse. In Westeros, as part of the Faith of the Seven Gods, the custom is for family members to take turns standing constant vigil over the deceased for several days before the body is buried. Ser Hugh has no family at King's Landing, however.

Ser Barristan: "Bad luck for him, going against The Mountain."
Ned Stark: "Who determines the draw?"
Barristan (wearily): "All the knights draw straws, Lord Stark."
Ned: "Aye, but who holds the straws?"


Ned finds King Robert playing the Westerosi version of "I'm too sexy for my armor" with his squire, Lancel Lannister. But the King looks more like he's 6 months pregnant!

Ned: "You're too fat for your armor."

Robert makes sport of the nervous and too-serious Lancel, eventually sending the lad off to find the "breastplate stretcher" -- an inside joke between the author of the books and his astute readers. See, there is no such thing as a breastplate stretcher.

The King wants nothing more than to just have fun jousting and participating in the mêlée event. But Ned brings him back to reality, pointing out that no one is going to want to hurt the King.

I liked this scene. It brings home the idea that's been building up over the last several episodes -- that King Robert is not fit for sitting thrones, only for taking them. He loves fighting and hunting, drinking and whoring -- and not necessarily in that order. Unfortunately, everyone else around him seems to be scheming for the power he so wantonly disregards.


Ned joins his family at the royal pavilion, front and center of the tourney. Sansa stills has the stink 'tude out for him, but suddenly becomes all beaming smiles when Ser Loras Tyrell, the Knight of Flowers, shows up. For some reason in this episode, they're calling him the Knight of "the" Flowers. Strange, that. Doesn't quite have the same ring. Loras gives out flowers to the most beautiful, deserving maids in attendance. This time, he reserves the rose for Sansa, who all but melts in her seat.

Quick shot of Loras checking out King Robert's youngest brother, Renly Baratheon, before sauntering off. Hmmm, it looks to me that they're going to angle that relationship more severely than it was ever hinted at in the books. Interesting.

Uh-oh, looks like Ser Loras drew the shit end of the stick. *gulp* He has to go up against The Mountain in the next joust. Uh, hey somebody . . . didn't this guy just murder another knight like only 5 minutes ago? What the hell! These dudes are HARDCORE!

Heh, heh . . . Gregor Clegane's stallion acts all crazy when it gets near Ser Loras's mare. The Knight of Flowers smirks and then trots to his end of the line. He's a crafty one, eh?

LOL! Sansa forgets her animosity and grabs her father's arm for comfort. She doesn't want that mean old Mountain to hurt her pretty boy. Damn, this girl is SOOOOO fucking clueless! She sure doesn't know how to pick 'em, that's for sure.


LOL! Renly and Littlefinger have a wager on who will win. But Loras's mare is in heat, and this gives him the advantage to unseat Gregor Clegane most dramatically!

Renly: "Such a shame, Littlefinger! Would've been so nice for you to have a friend."
Petyr, pointing at Ser Loras: "And tell me, Lord Renly: when will you be having your friend?"

Oh snap! Renly got the look of fear in his eyes with that. No, no, no . . . don't want that little secret getting out about town now, do you?

Oh man, I'm loving this! Not from the book, but I think this is better this way.

OH SHIT! I forgot about this! DAYUM!!!! The Mountain is so pissed at losing, that he BEHEADS his fucking HORSE!!! That shit was so brutal, I half expected a Quickening to shoot out of the stump of its neck. Holy fuck!

. . .Oh, this just gets better. Sandor jumps in to defend Loras against his older brother. The Hound and The Mountain going at it! Damn, this is a GOOD fight!

Shit. Robert had to break it up.

"Stop this madness, in the name of your King!!"

Yo, that was a seriously smooth maneuver The Hound just did. He spun and knelt in one fluid motion at his King's command, barely ducking in time to avoid his brother's sword lopping his head off. Wow!

This show is getting fucking GOOD!


Yes! A Tyrion scene! That's right HBO, just keep on trucking in the awesome in this episode. You're on a roll!

Heh, heh . . . Tyrion has just figured out Catelyn Stark's devious little mind. Seems she proclaimed very loudly back at the inn that they would be taking the dwarf back to Winterfell to stand trial. But clearly they are not on the Kingsroad. So if anyone comes looking for him, they'll be going down the wrong path.


Of course, Tyrion is brilliant, too. He starts playing all the angles at his disposal, looking at each one of Catelyn's men to see which one might turn at the first whiff of money to be made.

"[My father will] be offering a handsome reward. Everyone knows a Lannister always pays his debts."

Ah, the un-official House Lannister motto! Must work wonders when applying for credit, I imagine.

Hey look, it's Bronn the sellsword! He's not named here yet, but I know that's him! Oh shit, I'm so excited now! Bronn owes his allegiance to his purse, and is one of the most kickass warriors this side of the Narrow Sea. He just might be an ally if Tyrion plays it right . . .

Cat says she's not a murderer, so Tyrion will stand trial at her sister's keep. Tyrion vehemently explains that he is not a murderer either. But Cat doesn't buy it, bringing up the pricey dagger they found in Bran's room.

Tyrion: "What sort of imbecile arms an assassin with his own blade?"
Ser Rodrik: "Shall I gag him?"
Tyrion: "Why? Am I starting to make sense?"

Oooh, the intrigue is THICK in this one!

Yoda hobbles out into my living room, leans on his cane, and shakes his head at me: "Way the saying goes, that is not."


Whoa! The shit hit the fan in a hurry! They're attacked by a wild mountain clan. Bronn is kicking much ass cutting through the rabble like a knife through hot butter. OH YEAH!

LOL! Tyrion's such a survivor! The first thing he does when cut free is to search for a horse and a way out of the frying pan. But, instead of fleeing he grabs a shield bigger than himself and defends Lady Stark.

Did I not say Tyrion is DA MAN, or what?!!!

Dayum . . . he brutally destroyed that one guy with nothing but the shield. Tyrion's first ever kill. He's pretty shaken up about it.

Bronn: "You need a woman. Nothing like a woman after a fight."
Tyrion looks over at Cat: "Well, I'm willing if she is."

LOL! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: this kid's got jokes!


Yay, we're back at Winterfell! Theon Greyjoy is shooting arrows in the courtyard while Maester Luwin has Bran recite all the different houses and their mottoes. He mentions the Lannisters and their sigil, the lion. Luwin points out the Iron Islands on the map.

Bran: "The Greyjoys--"
Theon: "Famed for their archery, navigation--and lovemaking!"
Maester Luwin: "And failed rebellions."

Oh . . . COLD!!!! This old man's got jokes, too!

Aww, poor Bran. He's upset that his mom left him behind at Winterfell. Yet with her, family is supposed to always come first. Finally! I've been saying that since episode 2!!!


Oh boy, here we go again! Ros, the hardest working whore in all the North, getting "the business" direwolf-style from Theon. Guess Daenerys hasn't written the Dothraki Kama Sutra yet, by which the rest of the world finally learns that *gasp* there are indeed OTHER POSITIONS.

It is known.

Of course, this scene is not in the book. But as I said last episode, HBO does have a booby/nudity quota to fulfill. So here we have it.

Holy shit, did I just see female AND male full-frontal nudity? WTF? Did my cable service accidentally upgrade itself to Pay-Per-View?

And just like that hot tub scene last episode, once again a sex scene in this show is doubling as the heavy info dump for those who haven't read the books. And what did we learn this time, children? That's right! That Greyjoys have a serious inferiority complex. Not just Theon, but the whole bloody lot of 'em!

Okay, HBO. I think everyone gets the hint. I once complained that not enough was being done to mark the importance of Theon's presence at Winterfell. But now they're just overdoing it. Sheesh!

Theon: "I don't want to pay for it."
Ros: "Get yourself a wife!"

Oh, is that what wives are for? Hmm, I'm gonna have to verify this . . . (j/k)


LOL! How much of a fan am I? As soon as I saw the cat, I knew exactly where the scene was taking place, who was going to be in it, and what was about to happen. Just from the one closeup shot of the cute widdle kitty!

Yes, we're back at King's Landing. And just as Arya mentioned in the previous episode, Syrio is having her chase cats through the Red Keep in order to improve her reflexes. Balboa had a chicken to chase, Arya gets cats. I don't know which is worse.

Quick cut to another scene, where spymaster Lord Varys--aka, the Spider--converses in secret with Ned. I love how he gives a quick wave and smirks at Jory before nonchalantly closing the door on him. That's so Varys!

The bald eunuch gets right down to business. He just blurts out that the King is a fool and doomed unless Ned does something to save him.

Ned: "I've been in the capital a month. Why have you waited so long to tell me this?"
Varys: "I didn't trust you."
Ned: "So why do you trust me now?"
Varys: "The Queen is not the only one who has been watching you closely. There are few men of honor in the capital. You are one of them."

Damn straight, you fucker!

Hmm, Varys seems to have intel on what exactly killed Jon Arryn. A tasteless, odorless poison called the "Tears of Lys." The implication is that Jon's squire, the recently deceased Ser Hugh, did the deed. But Ned wants to know who paid him to do it.

Varys: "Someone who could afford it."
Ned: "[After 17 good years as the Hand] why kill him?"
Varys: "He started asking questions."

Goddamn it, Ned! HINT HINT!!!


Back to Arya chasing that cat. The little Felix leads her on a merry ol' chase through the halls of the Red Keep, until she descends to the dark dungeons where a huge, cool ass mutherfucking DRAGON'S HEAD is kept. She hears voices and decides to hide INSIDE the fucking skull! Brilliant, kid!

I don't know, if it were me walking into a room for a clandestine shady meeting with someone, the very first thing I'm doing is checking out the huge ass dragon's skull sitting smack dab in the center and taking up most of the space. But maybe that's just me.

Hmmm, apparently so. These two guys walk right past it without even blinking. Seems they've been here before.

And in case some of you viewers didn't quite catch who these two conspirators were--the man with the cloak covering up his bald head is, of course, Varys. While the other you might be familiar with, too -- he's Illyrio Mopatis, the rich merchant who's supposed to be secretly bankrolling Viserys Targaryen's return to the throne. You know, the guy who introduced Dany to Khal Drogo before their wedding back in Episode 1? Yeah, him.

Well slap me sideways and call me Sally! What is he doing on the other side of the Narrow Sea in Westeros? Better yet, why is he talking to Varys about Ned?

Varys: "He's found one bastard already. He has the book. The rest will come."
Illyrio: "And when he knows the truth, what will he do?"
Varys: "The gods alone know. The fools tried to kill his son. What's worse, they botched it! The Wolf and the Lion will be at each other's throats. We will be at war soon, my friend."
Illyrio: "What good is war now? We're not ready. If one Hand can die, why not a second?"
Varys: "This Hand is not the other."
Illyrio: "We need time! Khal Drogo will not make his move until his son is born. You know how these savages are."
Varys: "Delay, you say. Move fast, I reply! This is no longer a game for two players."
Illyrio: "It never was . . ."

Their voices drift out of range as they leave the chamber. Arya scoots out and runs deeper into the Red Keep.

Whoa, this exchange was ripped straight out of the book! Although, there it was not obvious who these two were since the scene is told from Arya's POV and she never gets a clear look. I remember at the time suspecting that one of them was Varys. But I never did figure out who the other guy was. I thought he might be Littlefinger. But, then, Arya knows what his voice sounds like, so it couldn't be him.

That's the blessing and curse of the visual medium. You get to see things that are not always apparent when merely written down in a book.

And so, the plot gets THICKER! This show is just in full-on WIN mode now!


Littlefinger is admiring the Iron Throne when the eunuch comes up behind him. Well, we're certainly seeing a lot of Varys all of a sudden. The fat fucker seems to be EVERYWHERE! Guess that's why they call him the Spider, eh? He knows where all the secret nooks and crannies are in this old place.

The two master deceivers square off.

David Bowie walks into the throne room, removes his shades, and proclaims: "It's a spy-off!"

What transpires next is perhaps the most awesome battle of words I've probably ever seen on tv. The two men try to one-up each other, revealing little secrets their opponent might not want the general public to know about.

Littlefinger: "Tell me, does someone somewhere keep your balls in a little box? I've often wondered."
The Spider: "Do you know I have no idea where they are--and we had been so close!"


Varys reveals that he knows Littlefinger was talking to Ned in private. Littlefinger quips that he's seen Varys even more recently than that, talking to Ned in his chambers.

Varys: "Was that you under the bed?"
Petyr: "And not long after that's when I saw you escorting a certain . . . foreign dignitary?"

Varys' face goes slack and his jaw nearly drops. Touché, Littlefinger. Touché! Either Arya is Littlefinger's spy, or this dude's got some SERIOUS game! In fact, he might've just revealed himself as a piece of the gameboard Varys never counted on. Uh-oh!

But Varys gets the last jab in as Renly comes rushing through the throne room on his way to the Small Council. There's disturbing news from abroad, oh haven't you heard?


Arya discovers a secret passage that leads out of the Red Keep and beyond its walls to the piss-poor end of King's Landing. But now she has to figure a way to get back in.

LOL! The guards at the gate think she's some ragamuffin little boy. But Arya soon sets them in their places. Thatta girl, Arya!

At the Hand's Tower, she tells her father about what she overheard in the dungeons. That someone wants to kill him.

"I didn't see them, but I think one was fat."

LOL! I know, I know. This isn't a laughing matter. But Arya is just so damn hilariously cute sometimes! Ned starts to get serious when she reveals details about her father's investigation that she couldn't possibly know. Including something about a savage.


Enter Yoren of the Night's Watch, who spies Arya after introducing himself.

Yoren: "This must be your son, he has the look."
Arya: "I'm a GIRL!"

Ha-ha! :)

Yoren brings news about Catelyn taking Tyrion Lannister prisoner. If you recall, he was with Tyrion when Catelyn ordered the dwarf seized at the inn. He says he wanted to let Ned know before the news reaches the rest of King's Landing. Ned's brother, Benjen, is a brother to him too, after all.

Double uh-oh!


Catelyn and party arrive at the Eyrie, a mountain holdfast high up in the clouds. Hence the name, seemingly a castle more fit for birds than men.

Tyrion: "They say it's impregnable."
Bronn: "Give me ten good men and some climbing spikes--I'll impregnate the bitch!"
Tyrion: "I like you."

Oooh, the long shot of the Eyrie is absolutely STUNNING!


At the Small Council, King Robert is raging mad upon hearing news of Daenerys Targaryen being pregnant with a Dothraki horse lord's child. Apparently the news came from Ser Jorah Mormont, that Westerosi knight who's been shadowing the Khaleesi all this time.

You just knew something was suspicious back in episode 3 when he rushed off so suddenly after learning of Dany's condition. He's a double agent!

Ned can't believe Robert is seriously considering sending an assassin to kill mother and unborn child. He refuses to have any hand in the business. Get it? Hand? Yup, that's right. He throws down his badge of office and quits the position.

Holy shit snacks, dude! Are you sure this is a wise thing to do? After all, your wife just done stirred up a hornet's nest around you. Everyone else on the Small Council thinks this plan makes the most sense. But Ned is too honorable for that.

Hmmm, I'm afraid to admit it . . . but I do believe that, given the situation, the others might actually be right.

Poor Ned. He's dangerously isolating himself at King's Landing.


Ned's packing to head back to Winterfell when Jory announces that Petyr Baelish is there to see him. Littlefinger tells Ned that if he delays his departure, he'll take him to the last person Jon Arryn spoke with before he fell ill and eventually died.

Do you have a good feeling about this? Because I don't. If I were Ned, I would get the hell out of Dodge quickly!


We're at the Eyrie now where Cat presents her prisoner to the Lady of the house, and . . . by all that's FUCKING holy, what the HELLS am I seeing???

Ewww, that’s so GROSS!

You know, I completely forgot about this from the book. I recall that Lysa Arryn was batshit crazy, but I must’ve completely blocked away the part where she’s still fucking breast feeding her 9 yr old son! I mean, JESUS tap-dancing CHRIST! That is just soooo wrong on so many levels!

And of course, this being HBO, we see all of it! God, my eyes! Even Cat can’t believe this is her sister. Tyrion tried to warn her, though. It’s been 5 years since the Tully siblings saw each other, and apparently a lot has happened in that time. And now that Lysa is completely in charge of the Vale through her son, Robin (btw, in the book his name was Robert), she’s suffering from a slight god complex all of a sudden.

Hmm, I like the design of the High Hall, though. It doesn't look anything near to how it was described in the book, but it’s very dramatic. Nice!

I hate to be so crass, but Lysa is FUGLY! In the books she's described as being somewhat plain looking, but not all bony and veiny like this. Wow!

"Mommie, I want to see the bad man FLY!!!"

Oh great, another Prince Joffrey on our hands! Robin Arryn is now the second most annoying little boy on this show who I want so badly to punch in the face.

Cat tries to argue that Tyrion deserves a fair trial, but Lysa has one of her guards throw the Imp in the Sky Cell--a three-sided dungeon where the 4th wall is just open sky. Tyrion gets thrown into the cell--hey look, it's Mord!--and can only stare in awe at the precipitous drop. Wow, what a gorgeous shot!

Poor Tyrion, though. Things ain't looking too good for you now, eh pal?


Oh wait, did I accidentally switch the program to Queer As Folk? I kid, I kid . . .

Oh man, this scene is totally not anywhere in the books. In fact, I think it's only in the second book that the author starts to really drop hints that the King's little brother is even gay. And, more importantly, gay for Ser Loras, the Knight of Flowers.

I'm sure fans are going to go ape shit over this -- but hey, more power to HBO! I like this scene. It gets it out of the way early where it is that Renly ever got the notion to become King one day instead of his other brother, Stannis. Although, yet again we're getting another info-dump session doubling as a sex scene.

LOL! @ Loras and Renly discussing politics and war while getting their manscape on!

Renly: "Oh! Everywhere?"

Hey, if we can have countless mindless hetero sex scenes inserted into each episode, why not a homo one, too? Doesn't bother me none.

Although--holy slurp stick Batman! Did we have to hear the actual "business" going on down below? I'll say this, HBO's got BALLS!


Cersei: "I'm sorry your marriage to Ned Stark didn't work out. You seemed so good together."
Robert: "Glad I could do something to make you happy."

Another scene not in the book, but again this one is damn good! King Robert and the Queen finally have it all out on the table--where they stand with one another, that is. You get the sense that she's giving him one last chance to prove that he's not really such a bad husband. This is a HUGELY important scene!

Robert makes a good argument for why Daenerys and her child must be killed. Waiting for the Dothraki to show up on the shores of Westeros would be a disaster, especially considering that the common people might just want to have the Targaryens back on the throne if given half the chance.

Robert admits that everything he's ever done beginning with the rebellion was a result of losing his long ago love, Lyanna Stark--Ned's sister.

Cersei wanted to know the truth, and now she does. Robert never loved her.

Robert: "Does it make you feel better, or worse?"
Cersei: "It doesn't make me feel anything."

She has this resigned look in her eyes, like as if this is all she needed to hear, before walking out without another word.



Littlefinger takes Ned to one of his brothels. In the book, this is the place run by a former whore named Chataya. There Ned finds another one of Robert's illegitimate children. This time, a baby girl. The baby has Robert's features, including that trademark black hair. The girl's mother doesn't want money or status, she just wants him. Robert.

What a naive little dope!

Ned learns that Jon Arryn came there to check up on the health of the baby, and nothing more. Hmm, seems that by this point Jon already knew all he needed to know. And now Ned knows what he needs to know, too.


LOL! Funny scene from the trailers, where Jory is mesmerized by one of the young whores in the next room. Ned emerges and it's as if the captain of his guard is mentally drooling, thinking: "Urrrr . . . teh BEWBS!"

Ned: "Jory!"
Jory: "My lord!"

That snaps him out of it right quick! LOL! My lord, indeed.


Ned, Jory and two other House Stark guards are surrounded by about 10 - 20 House Lannister guards in red cloaks as they emerge from the brothel. Jaime Lannister shows up on horseback and demands that his brother, Tyrion, be released. Ned takes credit for concocting the plan so as to protect his wife (good man), and tells Jaime that the dwarf must stand for his crime.

So not what Jaime wanted to hear. But it's what us fans want to see -- a fight between Ned and Jaime! AWWW SHIT!

Never mind that they never cross swords in the book. This is still a fucking AWESOME little fight scene. With one exception: OUCH! Jaime slams a dagger straight through Jory's eye.

Nooooooo! I liked that guy!

But, yes, Jory does die in the book here. As do the other Winterfell guardsmen. The difference is that Ned falls off his horse and breaks his leg in the novel, and Jaime backs off.

Here in the show, I think this scene works better. That was so far the BEST choreographed sword combat to date on this show! Too bad it was so brief. But Ned sure does give back as well as he gets. It's so cool, that look of surprise on Jaime's face at just how strong this old man still is.

And--oh, you punk bitch! One of the Lannister guards tries to cheat by stabbing a spear through Ned's leg. The bastard! And not in the noble, Jon Snow lineage, either.

LOL! Jaime agrees and punches out his own man for denying him a pure win. He respects Ned too much as a warrior, so he leaves him there on the dirt, bleeding . . .


I mean, wow. That was one helluva way to end an overall amazing episode, wasn't it? PHEW! I'm so amped up! I wish I could see the next episode immediately after.

I hope those of you who might have been on the fence this whole time are finally starting to realize how great this show is and/or becoming. Because, HOLY BALLS--this is the best show on subscription tv right now! No shit!

And looking at next week's preview, it seems you ain't seen nothing yet! Oh man, there's so much I want to spoil but . . .  I. Must. Resist.

You know what's funny about this episode? There were absolutely no scenes at the Wall or across the sea at Vaes Dothrak. None. Zip. Nada. Everything mostly took place at King's Landing, with one big scene at the Eyrie, and a small little nod to Winterfell.

And I bet you didn't even miss them, right?

Well, except for the Wall. Because I know how much everyone loves Jon Snow.

But, yes, for me this was the best episode thus far. I'm expecting a continuous upward climb now. Because, honestly, unless HBO screws this up big time, the story really only gets better from here on out.

I'm certainly excited. Are you?

If so, stay tuned next week when I bring you my reactions to Ep. 6: "A Golden Crown."


Jennifer Hillier said...

Ha, loved this! Maximum enjoyment threshold... you are hilarious.

I'm becoming so fond of that Tryion. He's mesmerizing in every scene he's in.

And yes. Sometimes needs to get a memo out to these folks that are definitely Other Positions. If I have to watch all these sex scenes, at least change it up a little.

And I did not mind the manscaping scene (mind you, Queer As Folk was one of my favorite shows!)

Rodney said...

Seriously, I'm really enjoying these re-caps of yours. But, I'm disappointed that there wasn't a Godfather reference for the horse.. I mean come on, man! If that isn't a gift horse, I don't know what is!

I find it interesting that Ned has the approval of both of the spymasters in King's Landing. He could get some SERIOUS work done if he utilizes them properly!!

It's interesting that just as Dany realizes that her brother can never be a good king. Robert decides that she must die.

And Tyrion is running a fantastic campaign for being my favorite character on the show. Arya is still in the lead, but Tyrion is closing the gap quickly. And how AWESOME are those skycells!! I LOVE that idea!!! I've been gushing on the irony of them all day on my FB page!

Oh, and I agree, the fight at the end was truly amazing. I can't wait to see the next ep!

David Batista said...

Jen -- LOL! Yes, there ARE others. They should utilize them! Thanks for reading. Glad you enjoy these. :)

Rod -- I thought of the Godfather angle, but discarded it because it just wasn't all that funny to me. I much preferred a Highlander one there. :)

I'm happy you're both loving Tyrion. He's only just as awesome as in the books, so it's good to see others are able to pick up on that through watching the show.

Yvonne said...

Wait. I'm still stuck at "Maximum enjoyment threshold" haha! That was great! As was your recaps, but I also thought you would have used the Godfather reference.

David Batista said...

You see, and that's also why I didn't use that reference. Too many people immediately think of that. I want to be UNIQUE! (haha)

getyourselfconnected said...

When I was a kid I thought unique was pronounced:
UNI-KWEW. I had never heard it said but I had read it, too funny to remember that.

I fear you are forgetting the Highlander series and falling in love with another show. Say it aint so!!!! You can fall in like, but to betray is so sad..... :)

David Batista said...

NEVAR! Never I say! Mommie, make the bad man FLY!

Seriously, though, I love me some Game of Thrones right at the moment . . . but nothing will EVER take the crown from my number 1 show!

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