Friday, July 31, 2015

Update On The New Camera

It's been around three months now since I decided to pursue this new hobby, and I have to say things have been progressing rather nicely in terms of my education on the basic points of digital SLR photography. You may recall back in April I bought myself a used entry-level camera--the Canon "Rebel" T5i, to be precise, with 18-55mm IS STM lens--for the purpose of teaching myself how to take better photos.

And it's been a whirlwind of discovery ever since! I've attended a couple of 3-hour entry level courses offered by Canon themselves, but for the most part I've been practicing all on my own, reading everything I can get my hands on and watching just about as many Youtube videos on various photo taking techniques as my brain can handle without melting. It's been crazy!

But slowly I feel that I'm starting to get the hang of things. Around 2 weeks after starting to use my DSLR cam, I switched from automatic settings to using semi-manual controls--what Canon calls its "Creative Zone." Around one week after that, I forced myself to venture into full manual mode, supposedly as the professionals do. Although, to be honest, I find that my favorite mode to sit on is "Aperture Priority," which allows you to fiddle with the lens opening on the fly, but lets the camera handle the shutter speed. I still manually select the light sensor sensitivity, though--aka, the ISO. I've been told to go ahead and leave that on auto, too, but I sometimes like to leave the sensitivity low even when there is not a lot of ambient light around. For artistic reasons and, frankly, because, the look this achieves is just my personal taste.

Monday, July 6, 2015

'Cause I'm Close To The Edge ....

Looking back on my life recently, I startlingly came to the following realization:

I don't like doing what's expected of me, or taking the easy way out.

As I focused on this concept and really thought it through, it became increasingly clear just how much of my life has been dictated on this principle. It's actually scary, and it forces me to examine a lot about motivation, ambition, and drive -- or at least why I don't seem to have much of any of these things anymore. It's a sobering realization to come to, I must admit, and may even be my undoing.

Basically, it starts with my father. Yes, that old chestnut. Look, I really don't want to kick a dead horse. I've covered this subject many times on this blog already, so I won't be rehashing any of that. Most of you already know the most salient point, to wit: my father was a lazy bum who couldn't stay true to one woman, nor be there for the three boys he had with her.

Typical deadbeat dad scenario, no?

What does this have to do with me? Well, knowing this about my dad, from a very early age I made it my goal in life to never be like him. Where he was lazy and uneducated, I strove to be the best in my class and to always be a hard worker. I was quite good at my studies as a kid, even math. It was easy, actually. Whenever I felt myself slack off in school, I remembered my dear ol' dad -- and, boom! Suddenly there was my motivation to be different. And the thing is, growing up as a mixed Caucasian/Latino kid in the South Bronx, whose mother was on welfare ... see, no one ever expected much of me. In school I was the quiet, unassuming kid. I interacted with NO ONE! I simply did what was expected of me and went home to where I could just be myself and no one would bother me. I was the UNSEEN in class, and so this had the consequence of everyone around me underestimating me and writing me off.

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