Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For the record . . .

No, I'm not dead. Or without Internet service. Or sequestered away in a top secret jury somewhere in this great big city.

I'm just taking a protracted break from the interwebs for a while, that's all. I can't rightfully say how long it will last. It could end tomorrow, or last until Fall. I don't know.

I am very busy, though. With mostly good things, but busy nonetheless. And I may drop a post or two at random. But for now I'm taking a break. I ask that you please don't forget me in this time away from the blogosphere, and know that I *will* be back eventually.

In the meantime -- have FUN, people! And, if I'm not back before then: Have a great rest of the summer/winter (depending on which half of this Earth you're currently rotating on).

Peace, out.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where In The World Is . . . David J. Batista???

Cue that Rockapella music, maestro!

Actually, I've been nowhere as of late. Just been chilling at home, trying to adjust to the local scene and work and all. Last week was also very busy both at the office and on the personal front, the latter due to preparations for our 6th wedding anniversary which arrived on Saturday. We had a nice quiet day all to ourselves, with some unintentional excitement added near the tail end of the day which I just don't have the energy to detail right now.

So, yeah, the wife and I are still going well and strong after six full years from the day we officially tied the knot. If you would like to read an old blog post I wrote about how and when we first met, click here and get taken back 17 years ago to a much younger, innocent us. As for the actual wedding . . . I don't believe I ever wrote that account down here, but you can go over to my Facebook photo album to see pics of that special day. The photos and captions should tell the story well enough (hee!).

Stop The Presses!

Oh, and just what did my wonderful, FANTABULOUS life-mate decide to gift me so unsuspectingly on this yearly milestone date? Why, look below and see for yourselves:

Yup, that's right! It's been foretold that I would get one eventually, and so I have. Behold, the iPad 2. And damn is this thing AWESOME! It's especially useful around the house because, with the WiFi linkup, I can execute my daily online frivolities from this amazingly compact and lightweight device without ever once turning on my desktop PC. True, for heavy duty usage--such as writing and major online transactions--I still need to power up the main box, but for almost all other things I can save the hassle and energy bill by simply jumping on the iPad real quick from the comfort of my living room couch.

I've already grown accustomed to taking it outdoors with me, too, for when I commute to and from work. The larger screen compared to my iPhone makes it ideal for reading my ePub novels and digital subscriptions. I even downloaded a bunch of comics to the device, which look so amazing in the glorious color palette offered by the iPad's sleek screen. Just take a look at this Conan comic I was reading today:

That right there is the HOTNESS, as the kids say! :)

I've yet to completely configure the iPad to my liking, but it's getting there in bits and pieces. This weekend is probably when I'll get the bulk of the work done, including configuring my mobile as a WiFi hub so that the iPad can tether to it and go online when I'm outdoors. Technology, I tell ya--it's a wonderful thing!

In Other News . . .

IT'S HERE, people! There it sits on the book shelves in our den! Ain't it a beaut? That, in case you're wondering, is the 5th book in the "A Game of Thrones" series by George R. R. Martin, which just hit stores today. Of course I wasted no time in barging into the nearest bookstore and snagging my copy like they were going out of business. Oh wait, it was a Borders store . . . so they actually ARE going out of business. Anyway, you know what I mean.

The book, titled A Dance With Dragons, is approximately 1,000 pages long! *gasp* That's about the size of all 3 Lord of the Rings books combined!!! This also makes it roughly the same size as the 3rd book in the series, A Storm of Swords, which was also quite the hefty tome. I love it!

If you haven't started reading this series yet, I suggest you get a move-on pronto! And to help you along that very path, is enticing you with a pretty sweet deal. Yup, click on that link and scroll down to the "Best Value" section to find out how you can get all four previous books in paperback PLUS the new hardcover novel all for the ridiculously low price of $38!!! Considering that the new book alone has a list price of $35, that's quite the damn steal, ain't it? You'd be CRAZY not to go for it!

Last And Certainly Least

It's been a long time since I've added to my collection of "man purse" sightings here in the city. For my really old-skool readers who've been visiting the Bimillennial Man since 2008, you may recall the ground-breaking expose I wrote detailing this bewildering trend here in New York City. Now, although I didn't follow up on that post and the one after it with even more sightings like I had originally promised, mark my words that this disturbing trend has not diminished here in the Big Apple over the intervening years. Quite the contrary, it seems to have gotten worse!

The other day Lisa and I were waiting for the train to head back uptown to the Bronx. And, lo and behold, look what decided to step up to the edge of the platform in front of us:


Yes, unfortunately, this is an all too common sight. Especially during the warmer months. I don't know who these guys think they are, but this hipster look is so not flattering. Ladies, does this guy look like potential boyfriend material to you? I can't imagine who would think that's masculine, but hey . . . maybe I'm just an old-fashioned red blooded American male. I dunno. Guess it takes a village, huh?

Anywho . . .

Sorry for being so darn scarce around these here parts so far this July. I've been negligent in reading up on your own blogs, too. A sure sign that I'm too busy for idle browsing on these here Interwebs these days. But I shall remedy the latter matter shortly, if not the former. So beware: I shall be ALL UP IN YOUR GRILLS in a manner of minutes!

And by grills I, of course, only mean your comments sections. Technology is a wonderful thing, but it's not THAT good.

Not yet anyway.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Tale Of Two eReaders

So, as some of you may have heard me mention, our 6th wedding anniversary is quickly approaching this weekend. And, with that, I've had to finally make the long awaited decision on which eReader to gift to my wife on this occasion. For yes this is indeed the gift I have decided upon. Like me, she reads a LOT of books on her spare time and eReaders can store thousands of books at a time. Seven hells!

Now to be clear I realistically only have to choose between two options: the Amazon Kindle (Generation 3), or the Barnes & Noble Nook (Simple Touch). Yes, I know there are other eReaders out there from other companies. But let's get real here: these are the only two that matter in the e-ink arena! Yes, e-ink technology is important to me. Or, rather, to my wife who can't stand reading on a backlit screen like I do with my iPhone 4. So that naturally rules out the Nook Color or the iPad 2 as possible choices, since both utilize backlit screens.

And then there were two. So once more I'm left to decide between these options:

Ha! Well, the joke's on you . . . I've already decided! Yes, after much deliberation, I've gone with the one on the right -- the Kindle. Some of you might be surprised by this choice. After all, the Nook is clearly smaller and more streamlined. It has no buttons and keys messing up its nice smooth facade, and what's more -- it has a touch screen! True, it's the same sized screen as the Kindle's, but everyone loves touch screens, yes?

Well, not necessarily. I've had multiple opportunities to try out both readers in stores, and for some reason the old-fashioned button technology of the Kindle felt more responsive than the Nook's touch interface. Also, even though the Nook has a memory buffer to keep refresh jitters down to every sixth page or so, the Kindle refresh happens in a blink of an eye and you barely even notice it. Not so once you reach that 5th or 6th page on the Nook. For me it was just too jarring.

Add to all this that my wife and I are certified junkies. I mean, we buy damn near EVERYTHING from that online mecca of trade! I myself have been buying the "Lannister's share" of my books, music, and movies from there since 1998 -- no joke. And I can say that I've never, ever had a bad transaction with them. You heard right. Never. So needless to say I trust them explicitly. Also, up until this new Nook came out recently, the Kindle was pwning the eReader industry left and right. It's still the number 1 standard right now, but the touch screen on B&N's latest version is quickly closing that gap it seems.

Whatever. I shall wrap this gift up and present it to my wife on Saturday (shhh, don't tell!). And we shall see how she responds.

Hell if she doesn't like it . . . then I suppose I'll have myself a new eReader, hey! :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Back From The Cape

And boy am I not in a blogging mood!

Still . . . I had a wonderful time away, the rental car held up beautifully despite the heavy usage I put it through, and I feel thoroughly well-rested. So much so that I've been on a mini blog hiatus all this time and really am not ready to return just yet.

So this is just a quick note to let you all know that we're safe and sound back home in the Bronx, and that Cape Cod was indeed quite picturesque and a lot of fun to hang around in. Right now I'm preparing for the dreaded return to work tomorrow and a crap load of catching up to do at the office. Grrrrr! When I finally do have the time and energy to return to blogging, you'll definitely know it. :)

In the meantime, hope you have all been well.

And . . . HAPPY FOURTH!!!!

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