Friday, February 13, 2015

Miss Crush 2014

This is rather late, I know. I usually post my Miss Crush winner mid-year, and not well into the next year. I guess it's because I got busy doing those Model Spotlight entries, so sue me. But, while similar in theme, I do try to keep my Miss Crushes separate from my Model Spotlights.

Plus, I was finding it hard to narrow down my choices. A year and a half ago, I crowned the lovely Eva Green as my Miss Crush 2013 winner. A decision that apparently was met with mixed enthusiasm if you read the comments section in that entry. For 2014, I had to decide between several lovely ladies on whom to garner the crown. The runners up were:

4th Place:  MILA KUNIS

3rd Place:  ZOE SALDANA


As you can see, it was a very tough decision to make indeed. But in the end, I had to go with honesty. Or maybe ... with freshness! I love all the women listed above, but they've been high on my list for several years now. Over a decade, even, when speaking about Ms. Knightley in particular. And while a part of me wanted to award last year's title on one of these actresses out of respect for the longevity of my crush on them, I just couldn't ignore this relative newcomer to the celebrity scene. And while I'm sure a lot of readers will skewer me with hate comments over this decision, she truly is who I was crushing on the most back in 2014. And still am, in fact.

So without further delay, the winner and your new Miss Crush of 2014 is . . .  . . .  . . .


Relax, I know she looks rather young, but she's actually going to be 22 yrs old in a few months. Old enough to drive, vote, and drink! Still, I know what some of you are saying ... HER??? But why! Haha, yeah, I know you are. But believe it or not, besides Miss Ariana Grande being as cute as a button, I also really enjoy her music. Especially her latest album, My Everything.

I'm highly impressed with her vocals. She's not your typical ditzy pop bubble-gum princess which I initially thought she might be. Especially coming, as she did, from the Nickelodeon teen tv show factory mill a few years back. I think she has the chops to make it big in the music biz. And after listening to a lot of her stuff in 2014, I can see she respects those greats who have come before her, like: Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey:

It's no coincidence that these are the very same singers Ariana credits as her personal role models, and with having the most influence on her style. This girl's got a good head on her shoulders . . . as well as a pretty one!

Here, have some more pics:

"There she is ... Miss Crush 2014!!!"


  1. Hey! I commented but it never posted. . . Surprised but not surprised by your choice. I would have gone with Keira Knightley. :) Ariana Grande has a nice voice from what I hear but I am not familiar with any of her songs. Kinda creeps me out that she has only one hairstyle. . . . LOL!

  2. Well, Cin, I almost picked Keira as you can see. But I went with Ariana because she just recently popped up on my radar in 2014, and therefore fits the spirit of this award better. She was a crush, see, and it happened in that year. Ms. Knightley, on the other hand, has been an obsession of mine since Love Actually. :)

    Oh, and you keep doing that! I think you should highlight and copy your text before hitting the "post" button in the comments. This way, if your comment mistakenly gets lost, you can just use the paste command to bring it back!


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