Sunday, May 3, 2015

Introducing My New Hobby

So, this happened.

I've always been drawn to taking pictures. I'm old enough to remember the joy of taking Polaroids as a wee lad for my first venture into this field. In college I carried around a basic film-based camera, and all the joys that entailed. And for about two decades after that I used various digital point-and-shoot cameras of ever increasing megapixel count. Then, of course, there's the advent of the smartphone, which more and more lately is how I snap the majority of my pics.

But now, I've graduated to the next level. Yes, over the weekend I purchased my very first Digital SLR camera:

I haven't undertaken this endeavor lightly, mind you. I don't intend to just put this camera on the shelf, and only bring it out during family events and the odd holiday overseas. No. I want to put this baby to use! I want to travel all over this great big city I live in and engage in a new art form. Yes, I see this as art, not unlike painting or writing. Another outlet to unleash my creativity, along with my writing. I think it's a great idea, and I'm very excited.

The Canon EOS "Rebel" T5i, or so I've been told by those in the know, is a perfectly good camera with which to begin and learn on. As a neophyte to this level of photography, I must admit to being just a tad intimidated. But I plan to learn as much as I can. To that effect, I've signed up for two entry-level seminars which cover the basics of DSLR photography. These are three-hour classes which I plan to take back-to-back on the same day. I figure I'll take copious notes and ask around a hundred questions. That's the ticket!

Once I'm as comfortable as can be with the basic functions of my camera and rudimentary composing techniques--as well as photo editing--I think I'll spend the following months over the summer visiting different places in New York for prime photo taking. I'll probably look suspiciously like a tourist, but you know what? I don't care. At least this will get me out and about more, and not cooped up in my apartment. In this sense I'm lucky the weather is just now becoming mild and beautiful out there. Something tells me I'll be spending a lot time walking through many of the local parks with my camera in hand.

Some point later, and once I've become very familiar with my T5i, I think I'll enroll in an actual photography course here in the city. I found a 9-week one geared towards the budding amateur photographer such as myself.  That's the plan anyway. Wish me luck!

And in the meantime, here are a few test photos I took with my brand new camera. These were taken in a friend's garden earlier today. I was testing out the macro settings, specifically, and figured some close-ups of pretty Spring flowers were in order:

Not bad. I'm already noticing a substantial difference between this camera and my previous Sony point-and-shoot purchased 5 years ago. These test shots have got me pumped to learn how to use this DSLR properly for more advanced capturing.

Oh, IT'S ON!!!


  1. Pictures look amazing. Have fun with your new hobby. I am sure you will learn everything you can about taking professional looking pics. Can't wait to see more photos.

  2. Thanks. And, yes, I'm sure there will be a lot more on this subject here on the blog. :)

  3. Nice camera there. I'm glad you are enjoying your new hobby. I've always loved taking photos myself. Something about getting out there, communing with nature.

    Also, didn't you find it funny- taking photos of a camera? Or is that just my warped sense of humor?

  4. Yes, I always think so whenever I take a photo of a camera. Too true! :)


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