Friday, June 8, 2018

You're Not Seeing Things

Yes, it's me. That's right . . . I'm back! And I'm still alive as you can see. It's been a very long time since I've posted -- since August 2016, in fact. Almost two years ago! Blame it on whatever you want: life's obstacles, ennui, creative black holes . . . the death of blogging. I don't rightfully know. I guess blogging just didn't hold much appeal to me for a while there.

And you know what? I can't honestly say that the draw is back, or that blogging is really worth my time right now. However, I do want to try at least. Maybe I can get back to my old ways of simply putting out there whatever's going on in my brain at any given moment? I know, right -- ACK!!! But I promise, I'll try to tone it down a bit. Heh, heh, the operative word here is: try. So, yeah, I'll not be back to the old output of 6 or 7 posts per week anytime soon; more like only 1 or 2. If that. We'll see.

But in the meantime, how have things been going for you all? Please reconnect with me in the comments below, if you're so inclined. Health-wise, I'm doing great at least. I've never felt better. Despite getting older (I'll be 42 at the end of the summer. HOLY CRAP!), I definitely feel young in spirit and body. That's always a good thing. And on the career front, I've actually been promoted to manager and am a heck of a lot busier at the office than I used to be. I was also able to get in quite a bit of travel over this time period, with some very exciting international trips to both Panama and Morocco last year. What a time I had visiting both exotic locales! And I'll get to them, separately, in other posts still to come in the near future. Don't worry. On the personal side of things, the divorce from several years back still hangs over my past like a dark cloud . . . but I've mostly moved on now. I'm seeing someone very special, and she and her children constantly make me happy and feeling loved. It's really remarkable how much has changed over these past 5 years since my life hit rock bottom. Thanks, mostly, to my family and my closest friends. And maybe even, yes, to VIEWERS LIKE YOU!!!

Ha ha, sorry 'bout that. I couldn't resist.

As for my creative endeavors, well I've admittedly been very lax on this part of my life on account of the daily 9-to-5 and a few interpersonal issues I won't go into at the moment. Perhaps at a later date. I've tried off and on to get back into writing, but so far I never seem to be able to gather up enough steam to make it through a project anymore. It's something I'm actively working on, however, and in fact part of the reason I wanted to return to blogging was to get back into the groove of things. Flex the old writing muscles, so to speak.

Although, I do have one other bit of good news on that front:

Remember a while back how I mentioned right here on this page that I had sold a short story of mine to a prestigious and well-known genre magazine? Well, I did mention in that post how it was going to take quite some time before it finally hit the racks at your favorite newsstand or Barnes & Noble, right? And wouldn't you guess it, that time IS NOW!!! Yes, I'll write more about this in another post, but suffice to say that I am super stoked this week. This will mark my first time in print, and my first semipro-to-pro sale to boot! Quite a milestone.

I recently received an email from my longtime online buddy, blogger, and fellow sci-fi writer, Ian S. Bott -- aka the "Botanist" -- who asked me: 1) Hello! McFly!!! Are you ever coming back to blogging?; and 2) How's it going with your photography? Little did Ian realize how perspicacious and timely his first inquiry would prove, as he had no way of knowing that I was just this week planning a return to updating The Bimillennial Man. And, by the way, you can visit Ian's own blog, Views From the Bald Patch, by clicking on the link.

As for my photography: that's an interesting tale. Remember how just a few paragraphs above I mentioned having gone lax in my creative pursuits? Well, that wasn't entirely true. In fact, perhaps one could attribute my stunning lack of written output over the past two years to the fault of my photography education having expanded leaps and bounds beyond anything I could have imagined. Which is just an elaborate way of saying: I was enjoying too much going out and taking pictures!!! And then one day I looked up, and -- WTF?! Two freaking years have gone by!

Or something like that.

To be fair, I am still mostly self-taught and not actively pursuing a second career as a photographer. My goal isn't to get rich being a fashion tool, after all. It's still an artform to me, much like painting is to the painter. I take pleasure from expressing my creative energies in capturing images in a way that conveys my inner eye, or emotional landscape, or whatever you want to call it. And I still have quite a long way to go, but I can say that, in the past two years since I last shared my efforts on this blog, my photography has noticeably improved.

Below I'll post some examples that I feel best showcase where I'm at now. And let me simply apologize first for any photos of myself, as quite often during this learning process I usually only have my own person to model learned exposure techniques, or new lenses, upon. So I tend to have a lot of self portraits lying around as a result. That being said, I'll try to limit those below for the sake of both yours and mine own eyes!

(As always, click to view the larger version)

So, basically, what you may notice here is that I've been learning more advanced composition techniques, as well as -- and this is probably responsible for the majority of my "improvement" as a photographer -- really diving deep into the post-editing process. The latter means learning how to use software to really understand color timing, contrast gradients, and overall light control in my finished creations. I'm by no means anywhere near to being a fine art photographer; this is simply not my desire. Yet. My style is probably more commercial magazine-print type stuff at this moment, as opposed to something you would ever see hanging in a gallery. And you know what: for now, that's how I want it. As I continue, I'm only going to evolve and explorer many different avenues in my work. And perhaps someday my style will become more avant garde, or esoteric, or -- *gasp* -- "artsy" even. It could happen.

Who knows, really? I just shoot what I like for now. And then try to make it look pretty in Photoshop!

Yup, that's me.


  1. Hey, David, welcome back. And 42? Pah! Youngster! Says the old codger pushing the wrong end of the next decade :)

    I get what you mean about the creative pursuits. When I started writing I completely stopped painting (apart from cover art) because (a) time, and (b) my creativity still had an outlet and that's all I needed.

  2. Hi, Ian! Thanks for stopping by. Seems like old times, eh?

    Ah, yes -- that's what I mean! It appears that I was still being creative all that time without even realizing it. I'm glad you get it. Writing is my first love, of course, so I seriously need to get back to it. I'm trying to, anyway.

  3. Replies
    1. Yep, Rick. You found me out! Now, I really can't allow you to leave, you know?

  4. We are too much in sync. I'd been thinking about getting back to mine for a few weeks now. Someone even suggested I start a blog on fb recently. I told them I already had two! :-D I was just about to start a new post when I decided to come check you out and look what I found. YAY!


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