Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Prelude to Fall

New York City has been experiencing a little taste of autumn these past several days -- my kind of weather! It's been moodily dark, rainy, and deliciously cold for going on 4 days now. Perfect jacket weather. And you already know how I love jacket weather.

It's had a remarkable effect on my mood. Suddenly my spirits are lifted and I feel as if I can take on the world! Wow ... I honestly don't know what it is, but summer heat and sunshine seriously drags me down. I walk around for 3 months generally feeling "ugh!" the entire time.

Well, ok, that's not exactly true. I must admit that after a long winter, those first few weeks in June around here can feel refreshing. Walking around in short sleeves for the first time after many, many months hidden indoors I can all but feel my skin greedily soaking up that vitamin D! And, yes, it gives a heady rush of feel good endorphins for a brief time.

But then summer has the nerve to go on for another two months or more, and that brief love affair I have with it wears off quick. By the time September rolls around, I'm so over her!

And so, yeah, this isn't yet the start of cool, crisp Fall weather around here. It's really just a short-lived taste of things to come 6 or so weeks from now. But it's enough to make me a truly happy camper this one week at least. On my way to work yesterday morning, I lugged my camera with me and took the following atmospheric and dramatic shots on the rainy streets of Greenwich Village:

It's days likes these when the Big Apple truly looks like its DC Comics counterpart -- Gotham City. I'm pretty sure Batman keeps watch some nights from atop that clocktower.

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