Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We Have A Winner!

So, yeah, here we are. Wednesday morning.

Two days ago when I wrote this blog piece, I did in fact say that this morning would prove me right. And it certainly has. It's official: sanity has been restored! I'm feeling quite ebullient today to say the least. Despite the prognostications of the punditry who seemed intent on making this a very close race for the sake of ratings, all the so-called "battleground" states with the exception of North Carolina went to Barack Obama. So, really, how close was it all anyway? According to the majority of "in the know" political insiders before the election, there was no way Obama was going to get a clean sweep of these key states. Similarly, I began to hear such nonsense about how the prez could likely end up winning the electoral map, but lose out to the popular vote. The latter claim, because this country isn't run like a sorority, doesn't have any legal merit anyway. But it was being predicted nonetheless. And even that did not come true. By final count, Obama had 303 electoral votes to Romney's 206. There needed to be 270 to win, so the deal is done. We keep the same man in office for the next four years. And in popular votes (so far), he's garnered 50.3% (59,854,458 votes) to the challenger's 48.1% (57,176,621 votes). Even better. I don't know about you, folks, but I see no equivocation in those results. There's a clear-cut winner here!

We're sooo going to Disney World after this.

This race was nastier than it had any reason to be. It left many exhausted and embittered, disillusioned and hopeless. But sometimes that's politics. I remember feeling much the same back in 2000 and 2004. And yet, that too passed. Because I do believe that this country has already been headed in the right direction, I actually have a lot of optimism about the next four years. I believe we as a country needed the stability of keeping the status quo in order to truly get ourselves back on the right track. Mittens would have wrecked all that. So, yes, this is a HUGE win in my opinion. I also feel vindicated for having supported John Kerry back in 2004. I didn't want him as our candidate (I was rooting for Howard Dean), but I went along with my party because I thought getting Bush out of the White House by any means was worth swallowing my doubts about the man. But the rest of the country made me eat humble pie over that decision, and I was okay after a few days. Republicans will have to do the same now. Hello, this was your John Kerry! Mitt Romney was never the right person to send up against the Obama machine, but every Republican pretended to act as if he was. Hogwash! No one in their right mind should have believed in this flip-flopping corporate shill. But they hated the idea of a black man in the White House even more, to the point of ignoring common sense. And so, this is the result. You reap what you sow.

Mitt watches Karl Rove make an ass of himself
on Fox News. That sinking feeling . . .

Ah, yes. Vindication. It feel so good! And now, this ends your obligatory political blog post here on The Bimillennial Man for perhaps another four years. If even that.

Stay frosty, my friends.

EDIT:  For those wishing to view the clip of that blubbering ass Karl Rove desperately trying to deny Obama a win in Ohio--going against even the sober admissions of his cherished Fox News compatriots, no less--simply click here and sit back to enjoy the circus. I know I did.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! GREAT post! "Mittens" bahahahaha! I have nothing to add, you said it all. Well, we could high five virtually -kinda. Ready? Oh wait, you have to go a little low with me, I'm shorter than you. Ready? Go! *highfives* :)

  2. Haha -- you're too funny, Yvonne! *lowfives* :)

  3. I don't pretend to know a whole lot about American politics, but I found it a very different experience watching the election in the era of Facebook and Twitter. I don't remember there being so much... commentary?... on FB back in 2008, and wow, were there days the past few weeks when my Facebook was just filled with ugliness about who's an idiot and who should win and why that guy is a loser. I'm relieved the election is over, I'm happy Obama won (what can I say, I like the guy - maybe that's lame, but I do, and I like the First Lady too), and I'm hoping not to see so much name-calling on my Facebook going forward.

    At least until the next election. :)

    Great post, David!

  4. Jen -- You know, I didn't have that experience at all. Either all my friends on FB are on the same political mindset as me, or they simply don't care enough about politics to update with their opinions on the subject. Then again, I have very little friends on FB (compared to the what seems to be the average), and so maybe that could play a role in things as well. Hmmm.

  5. Very good commentary David. Out of all the years of my life, this political campaign had more than the usual mud slinging than normal. Also, the mud slinging extended beyond the political players but even the kids in elemtary schools were throwing mud. I have a lot of outspoken contacts on Facebook and the political mud dripped from a gazillion posts. My opinion? I agree with you 100% some folks went backwards and started building their opinions on skin pigments. I don't know if you saw the news on a student riot at one of the Mississippi universities. They burned Obama political signs, several were arrested and quite a few twitter posts by students denounced the riots. Again, I am happy to see that President Obama is still president and of course I am happy to see the First Lady lead out in the Let's Move campaign. And having recently been to the White House and seeing the effects of her work has won me over to what she is doing. I know we, the citizens of this country cannot settle back in our chairs and watch what happens. I believe we all need to somehow chip in to a problem-solving movement and help them move our country out of the mess we are experiencing. Okay, I'm climbing off of my political horse and getting my hands in the soil and try and make a difference. Thanks for your thoughts. See! Your post has pulled stuff out of my head that I never say. Good writing from you... as usual

  6. Thanks, Aunt Pam! That means a lot coming from you. And yes, I did see on the news about the riot and name calling at that Mississippi university. So sad. And yet, it's that very thing and more which propelled such a larger turnout than usual among non-white registered voters. Completely against the GOP's strategy. Booyah, democracy! :)


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