Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Sometimes I Dream . . ."

". . . That he is me. You've got to see that's how I dream to be!"

So, this past Sunday was Michael Jordan's 50th birthday. Whoa! What a legendary milestone for such a legendary athlete. You know, I consider myself eternally fortunate to have grown up in the "Jordan era" of American basketball. Although my hometown was always trying to play up Patrick Ewing and his revolving band of losers on the NY Knicks, for me my allegiance always resided farther out west. Yes, my heart belonged to Chicago and the Bulls during the better part of the 90s. How could it not?

So, nothing fancy this blog entry. No wordy, lengthy diatribe. His Airness is His Airness. Nothing more needs to be said by I. He is: A Champion. A Legend. An Inspiration.

However, I will leave you with two videos to commemorate this august anniversary of the Magnificent One. They're both commercials, but both are equally awesome and appropriately demonstrative of why, for a while there back in the 90s, everyone wanted to walk around with a "23" on their backs. Hell, I still do to this day!

Gatorade's 1991 "Be Like Mike" Commercial.

This is probably MJ's most famous commercial. Even 80 year old grandmas hum along to this tune and want to "be like Mike." It's so inspirational for what is essentially a sports water ad. I especially get teary-eyed at all the adorable little kiddies in this spot trying to imitate the Legend. To know that you've inspired so much of the younger generation to strive to be the best, to go for that seemingly impossible goal against seemingly impossible odds? How do you respond to something like that? Well, when you're Michael Jordan, you do it with class, grace, and not an insignificant amount of humor.

Nike's 2006 "Let Your Game Speak" XXI sneaker commercial.

I always gets goosebumps watching this. Don't you? The spot showcases everyday players from around the globe, young and older, recreating in slow motion some of MJ's most iconic moments on the basketball court. Simply amazing! Like its title, this commercial speaks for itself. No words are necessary. Just music and awesome moves. And if you want to see the original Jordan moves that the commercial was based around, simply click on this link for the video.

Happy Birthday, MJ. As David Stern put it in one of his many MVP trophy presentations to you: "You are, simply, the standard by which basketball excellence is measured."

Damn straight!


  1. Love the inspiration behind the athletes: working hard, going for the goal or gold, being committed. All good lessons for everyday life.

  2. totally love those commercials dude seeing Mike like that brought back all the memories of why I fell in the love with the good ol game of round ball lol

  3. Great post. Love MJ. He's the best, better than all the rest. Kobe and LeBron, take note. :)

  4. How cool! And? I saw MJ this past weekend when he was in Houston for the Allstar game. -SUPER TALL! OMG. Yes I know everyone is taller than me, but he's like a giant. Seriously. He's very nice though. If my friend's camera was working, I would have shown you the picture we took. Grrr!!!

  5. Glad you all share in appreciation for such a great athlete. Don't think we'll ever see his like again in our lifetimes. Well maybe, but I doubt it.

    Yvonne--you lucky gal! I was wondering if you did see him. Too bad about that picture, tho. :(


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