Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Moving. It's A B----!

So, that time has come.

As much as I dreaded the actual mechanics of it all, I somehow went through the motions and managed to get most of my stuff squared away in boxes and suitcases, and prepared for the big move. Which is tomorrow, people!

Holy shit!

I've rented the U-Haul and have some of the world's bestest friends helping me out. I can't believe that, after nearly 13 years in the same spot, in less that 24 hours I will be moved in to an entirely different spot. Albeit a much smaller spot, and all by my lonesome, but a major change nonetheless.

And how do I feel about it all? A bit depressed, yes. But moreso excited. The prospect of eventually being all unpacked and settled in, of being able to kick my feet back and know that I am in my VERY OWN personal space with no one else to answer to but myself . . . well, I admit it's pretty damn enticing! Probably that sentiment alone has gotten me through the worst of it these past 6 weeks. If I allow my mind to do so, no doubt it would sink into a well of misery and self-doubt. But I won't allow it to do so. I'll keep forging ahead and doing what needs to be done. Even when it seems like one shit revelation follows another, still I'll soldier on.

I'm sure eventually it will all catch up to me, though. One weekend in the not too distant future I will be miserable and reflective on all that I have lost. I will shutter the windows in my new apartment and hunker down on the sofa under a mountain of blankets. And much bad tv will be consumed. And much good wine will be imbibed (I don't do beer outside of social settings).

And then . . . and then I will be better. The sun will still shine and the birds--those blasted birds!--they shall continue to chirp happily outside my windows. And I will one morning find myself expectant, hopeful: reflective on all I have yet to accomplish! For I am only 36 years old, not 66; and the world is yet my oyster.

By the way, what the fuck does this saying mean, anyway? I hate shellfish!

So, this is so-long for a short while, my friends. I will try to establish an Internet connection at the new place as soon as possible, but who knows when next our paths may cross on Blogger? Once I'm settled in, for sure. But whether that takes 2 weeks or 2 months, only the Old Gods and the New can answer.

'Till then, stay frosty.

David J. Batista
Bronx, New York.  May 2013.


  1. You have to "soldier on", sweets. The alternative is not even an option for you. With all that you have been through in the last two years but especially in the past few months, you are bound to crack or fall apart at some point. But worry not, that is only temporary. It's necessary to give yourself time to grieve. But as you know, it will pass. And you WILL come out stronger and yes, even hear the annoying birds chirp. Who knows? You may even whistle with them. Take care of you and come back when you are ready. -Now I suddenly have the urge to break into "The sun will come out tomorrow..." Good lord! See what you've done!!!? :)

  2. Aww, thanks my friend. And sorry for inspiring you to sing Annie show tunes. The horror! No, just kidding. I like Annie! :)

  3. Ah the dreaded moving day. I will be in that same situation soon. Have fun with it, it is exciting. Hugs.

  4. I know it has not been an easy road for you, my dear, but you are a survivor and will come out of this just fine! Good luck with your move and I hope to come by and help you out on Saturday. :)

  5. I guess you'll be all moved in by now. Hope so, anyway. Glad you're able to see the positives and things to look forward to. That kind of thinking will get you through this while you settle in. Take care!

  6. Yes. Grasshopper. You have mastered the self-motivation speech.;)
    Since you asked...*geek alert* it means that a grain of sand will irritate you so much that you will cover it with a substance called pearls, highly coveted by a species that drowns underwater.

    The moving meme. Sigh. Soon. Ugh. Oddly comforted that my labels will look similar, books, mags, sciams and discover that I will never part with even though they are out of scientific date.

  7. I was thinking about you and wondering how the move went. Hope you are doing okay.

    And oysters...hum, wish my Dad was still around, I'd ask him about that one ;D he loved oysters, especially in stew.


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