Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tiny Apartment Is Tiny!

Thought I'd finally get around to putting up pics of the new place, since some of you have been asking for them. I don't know why I waited so long to do this, in fact. The state of affairs as of today is this: I've been living here now for exactly 4 weeks, and I'm very glad to have found this place at the time I did, and so near to where I was living before. Because it's a 500 sq ft studio apartment, alas, there is not much to show. But you know what? For such a small apartment, it's actually quite serviceable for one person. Take a look:

The bad thing about living in a studio apartment is that both the living room and the bedroom are the same thing! I had a difficult time at first figuring out where to place the bed. A friend of mine suggested that I put it where the couch is right now, and the couch where the bed is. But then I revealed to him my rule of thumb: Never place your bed where guests have to walk past it to get to the rest of the room. It's a pet peeve of mine. You'll notice I was able to fit my Nordic Track treadmill in one corner, facing the tv. This point is extremely important to me, as running the streets of the Bronx is a dangerous endeavor, and gym memberships in NYC are super expensive ($89 per month!).

This is the little foyer area that connects the living room with the kitchen. I was able to fit my bookshelves and workout bench in here, but now it seems I don't really have room for a dining table. Which, to be honest, doesn't really matter much to me as I never eat at the table anyway. I usually have all my meals on a foldable standing tray while sitting on the couch watching some show I've recorded on the DVR. It ain't glamorous, folks, but it suits me. For now. Straight ahead toward the back you can see the front door to the apartment. Around the corner to the right is the bathroom, but first:

As you can see, the kitchen is very narrow. But again, it serves its purpose and I can't complain. Much. I would have liked wider counter tops and more of them, but I can get by. I do actually cook the majority of my own meals, so it can be trying at times. To be honest, though, I'm just happy this apartment even came with a separate kitchen. Most studios do not. Oh, and don't think I would forget my dual-temperature wine refrigerator, which holds up to 18 bottles and have separate compartments for reds and whites, each with its own temperature gauge. I set my reds to 61 degrees F in the summer time, and my whites a bit cooler at 48 degrees F. It's a shameless luxury, I know, but I must be allowed my few vices. No, really!

And last we end this tour where most of them should end: the bathroom. Not much to see here. I mentioned in an earlier post that this apartment had been completely renovated with all new fixtures and appliances installed. This really becomes apparent in the bathroom here, which is still shiny and fresh looking (don't know how long that will last). I particularly loved that they installed a new shower with sliding glass doors. I like this much better than using a shower curtain. As a house-warming gift, a very good friend of mine gave me the brown cabinet you see over the toilet. It's probably the most useful item I have in this apartment, as before it came I had nowhere to put my toiletry items. There's not even a soap dish or toothbrush holder over the sink, so I really needed this. Thanks a mil, Cin! :)

And there you have it. Like I said, not much to see, right? Some of you are probably wondering why I settled for such a smallish studio when I could have gone for at least a one bedroom. Well, remember, this is New York City. I don't think many of you appreciate just how difficult it is to find an affordable apartment here. Originally I had set my limit at $1,100 per month on renting a 1-bedroom unit. However, I soon had to revise that to $1,200/mo. You can find plenty of 1br places at the lower price point, sure. But not with all the amenities I look for (e.g., separate kitchen; laundry room; close to transportation; supermarket nearby, etc.)

Originally, I had refused to even look at studios, knowing that most such units were too small and had limited closet space--or sometimes, no closets at all! Not to mention that most studios in this city are only a single room with a small kitchenette recessed into one of its walls. So not my thing! However, due to its close proximity to where I was already living--and thus placing it within a very short walk to my grandmother's house, whom I still watch over--I decided to check this one out. It came with 3 pretty sizable closets, had a separate kitchen, another room in the form of the foyer--and the building even had a laundry room in the basement to boot!

Yes, it's a rather tiny facility with only 4 washers and 4 dryers, but I never seem to have to wait for a machine somehow. I'm guessing some residents of the larger apartments have their own machines. Which is technically illegal, but no one seems to enforce it. Fine by me.

So, yeah, I love my apartment! And the best thing? It all costs me only $960/month. Well within my budget. For a totally renovated unit that's actually quite spacious for a single person, I think I scored rather well. Perhaps in a year or two I'll think about upgrading to a 1br. But for now, this will do just fine.

What do you think?


  1. Your apartment is beautifully arranged and decorated. My apartment is more on the creative mess side of things. I am waiting for the kids to go to college before I start to de-clutter. LOL And btw, the woman that gave you the bathroom cabinet does have great taste indeed! :) You are very welcome. ;)

  2. Yes. Yes she does, Although, I did pick it out you know. ;) But thanks for everything!

  3. Looks like you've got it well set up, David. The biggest thing that would cause me grief is the kitchen - those counter tops look way to small to do any useful work on. That is one area of the house where I am utterly disorganized and need to sprawl. You just can't ever have too much counter space in a kitchen!

  4. My hubby and I first rented a studio apartment. It's not the place - but how you use the space ;D and looks like you've arranged it well

  5. I love it! The place looks very cool! I love that you have bookshelves with books! Books are my weakness, one day I'll send you a picture of my room and my bookshelves, I have three. ha! For a studio apt, I think it's pretty nice and so is the price you're paying. Oh and I really like the sliding glass in the bathroom versus the shower curtain, too. You did good, kid! :)

  6. Looking good. Can't wait to see it again now that you have it all set up.

  7. It doesn´t seem so small, after all you have an independent kitchen. It looks great, very comfortable for just a person. I have a bigger flat, but when I travel abroad I used to rent small apartments since I don´t want to spend time cleaning and I will be little time at home actually. Last year I have a 4rent Argentina flat which was very small but with an amazing picture window in a 20 floor,it was amazing!

  8. Thanks for the comment, Tiago! And, yes, it's pretty comfortable for just one person. I've rented a flat in Paris once. It was expensive, of course, but surprisingly less pricey than some of the hotels I've stayed in there.

  9. Holy moly, your place looks FANTASTIC! And is it me, or does it look a lot bigger than 500 sq ft? You've done a really great job with the space and everything important is inside it. I actually like your kitchen and bathroom. Less to clean, everything within reach. My kitchen and bathroom aren't much bigger, and how I wish I had glass doors for my shower.

    So happy you posted these pics. And you're tidy for a boy. :)


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