Thursday, December 18, 2014

Status Update

Have no fear, all is fine here. I didn't even realize it's been nearly 2 months since I last blogged. Wow. Somehow I'm proud of that achievement. It means I've been busy living life! :)

And yet, despite the absence, my blog's daily tracker has exploded with new visitors in that time. Seriously! I used to get around 150 to 250 visitors per day a few months ago (twice that back when I was posting Game of Thrones reviews), but ever since the summer this site has been receiving anywhere between 900 and 1,500 unique visits per day! I guess when you've been posting since 2008, eventually you have something for everyone on your site. The majority of the visits are through Google searches, though, and around 75% of those are for various pics I post here. Especially pics about famous people or models. Go figure.

On the personal front: I'm doing well. The year is finally winding down and I can reflect on what has passed. Last year around this time I was going on and on about how 2013 was one of the worst years of my life (and it was), but I had expressed hope that 2014 would be a lot better (and it was). Still, I'm very glad that it's coming to an end. I've closed a lot of chapters in the past 23 months, and in the past 12 have opened up a few new ones in my life. There's a steady, positive progression throughout it all. And while I don't feel completely back to my old happy self quite yet, I have to say I find myself not really dwelling on the past all that much. I'm generally optimistic as I've stated on this blog before, and that hasn't changed. So in that light, 2015 is looking like it may be a great year yet!

*fingers crossed*

My one regret for 2014? Not traveling nearly as much as I had planned. For a while there, I was quite certain I would be traveling to Eastern Europe for the holidays. Specifically, to the cities of Budapest, Vienna, and Prague--in that order. And the plan was to visit each in turn via rail, something I've always dreamed of doing. But it looks like that won't be happening this year. Bummer! It's still on the books, though. The thinking is that I'll have even more saved up next year, and can therefore afford to travel for a longer stretch than what I had initially planned for this month. We'll see how that goes.

A Danube runs through it. Budapest at night. Suddenly, I'm craving goulash!

But, yeah, it would have been glorious to visit these places during Christmas and New Year's. As for 2015 travel plans ... it's all up in the air at this point. Aside from the aforementioned trip above, I may just as well end up going to Paris again at some point. I've been there twice already--and both times in March right before the Spring influx of tourists began. This time, I would love to go in the Fall. Preferably in late October or early November. I'm working on it. Other possible destinations include Morocco and even . . .  yup, the Dominican Republic! I've always said that I would never visit the island nation of my father's people, but as I grow older I'm starting to change my mind. If I do go, however, it won't be to stay at an all-inclusive resort. Gaghhhh! I hate those!!!

My, but it is a beautiful island!

Anyway, yeah ... 2014. It was a pretty fast year, no? Some minor bumps and annoyances along the way, sure, but a cake walk compared to 2013. So I'm hoping the trend continues and that the new year turns out FAB-U-LOUS!!!

How about you? How has your year been, and what are your expectations for 2015? Do tell!


  1. Glad this year's been better than last, and hope 2015 is even better.

    It's funny what draws people to stray onto a blog. My most popular posts are still the ones about the snail house and the minecraft battleship, neither of them mainstream blog content for me, but people keep dropping in from Google searches.

  2. Haha--yes, this is so true! You never know which obscure blog post is going to hit it "big" out there in the interverse!!! :)

    Hope you are having a good year, too, my friend. And may an even better 2015 await you ahead!

  3. I'm so glad you are so much better than last year at this time, David. I really am. I'm certain that 2015 will be an even better one for you, my friend. I've not doubt that you will accomplish more great things. Keep moving forward as you have been doing. As for me, 2014 was a great year and a horrible year. But I'm choosing to dwell on the "great" part of it. I have so many hopes and dreans for 2015 and one of them is to go to NYC and hopefully, finally meet you in person. It's still mostly a plan in my head but once I have more certainty, I will let you know. Things can only get better and I feel as if they will.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, sweets! :)

  4. Oh wow, that would be awesome, Yvonne! :) Do keep me informed if you do come around my neck of the woods. I'll show you around (if you don't mind doing a LOT of walking!).


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