Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Quick(ish) iPhone 6-Plus Impression

(Insert stand-up routine here).

No, not that kind of impression.

What I'm holding up there is my newest phone, Apple's iPhone 6-Plus, which just came in the mail last Wednesday. Which is around 5 days after the phones first went on sale at stores nationwide. This was the usual upgrade after my 2-year contract commitment expired with AT&T, at which time I became eligible to replace my existing phone -- Apple's 2012 iteration, the iPhone 5.

Some people hold on to their phones for years and years beyond their initial commitments. Not me. I love upgrading to new tech as soon as possible! Usually by the end of two years I'm quite sick of my current phone, anyway, and just itching to get a new one. This year was no different. But before I bit the bullet, I had to deal with a lot of naysayers out there complaining about how big the new iPhones were going to be.

6-Plus box compared to the 5 box.

That beautiful un-boxing moment.

To wit, Apple decided to release two new models of the same phone at the same time. Both of which were supposed to be significantly bigger than their previous flagship from last year, the iPhone 5S. One of which was reported to be MUCH bigger! In simplistic terms, the iPhone 6 would sport a 4.7-inch screen over the 4-inch screen of the 5S. While the iPhone 6-Plus was going to clock in at a gargantuan 5.5-inches, thus propelling Apple phones into the "phablet" (sweet spot between phone and tablet) arena for the first time in its history.

The iPhone 6-Plus (left) compared to the iPhone 5 (right).

While most people--some of my friends included--were quite sure they would be playing it safe and getting the smaller of the two options, I knew I would be going for the big boy. Not because I like bigger tech (I generally don't), but because I'm obsessed with taking photos on my phone now. And the Plus model seemed better suited for this, notwithstanding the bigger screen.

And now that I've had almost a week to play with it, what do I think? Well ... it's just as I suspected. The phone is definitely way bigger than my previous iPhone, but somehow still easily manageable. While I don't have huge basketball player hands, I do have moderately-sized mitts in which the 6-Plus seems to nestle quite comfortably.

A bird in the hand . . .

That sweet aluminum unibody!

The metallic back does make it perilously slippery, though, which is something I need to be wary of. I've had an iPhone in one form or another since 2008, and this might just be the first time I'll actually need to get a case for one. I don't know, I just get a funny feeling I'm going to need one. As far as the claims that the Plus is too big to fit in one's jeans pocket: pfft! It fits just fine in mine. And while I don't wear skinny jeans, I do wear nice form-fitting pants with pockets that adhere close to the leg. And yet I can still fit the entirety of the phone into my front pocket and not notice any unseemly protrusions.

Here's a quick run down of what I've noticed so far with the Plus model:

Very attractive looking phone.
Large screen allows me to see and read things better.
Can leave iPad at home now, as the Plus fills that particular niche fine.
iOS is as snappy and smooth as ever.
Seriously awesome battery life. I used mine for 44 hours without a charge.
Camera is a huge improvement over the 5's, which wasn't bad itself at the time.
Fingerprint security lock is a much better and secure feature than a regular passcode.
WiFi and Cell antennae pull in a lot stronger signal than before.
More internal memory storage for the price than before.

The design makes the unit extremely slippery and prone to drops.
At least $100 more expensive than the competition.
Super thin chassis makes the phone feel very fragile.
Does not fit comfortably in smaller pockets.
iOS 8 update came with a lot of glitches which should have been ironed-out first.
Camera lens protrudes slightly from back, making it vulnerable to scratches.
Screen seriously susceptible to shattering.
Lack of peripheral support such as cases and docks compared to the iPhone 6.

So there you have it. I suspect those of you who were already thinking of getting one of the new iPhones have already made up your minds about which particular model you'll be purchasing. But as someone who actually owns the larger model, I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents to counter all of the negativity I've been reading all over the Net.

Testing out the front-facing camera and filters at work.

My official verdict is that I'm supremely happy with this acquisition. The iPhone 6-Plus is a vast improvement over the iPhone 5, and after this I may never be able to go back to a smaller screen again -- and this includes even the 4.7-inch screen of the iPhone 6.

Sound off in the comments section below with your own opinions.


Alittlesprite said...

Glad you love your new phone. Hubby and I need new ones but we are sticking to good old Android and Samsung :)

David Batista said...

Sprite -- If I were to get an Android operated phone, it would be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. In fact, I was seriously tempted to jump ship from Apple for that phone. I like it a LOT! But in the end I decided to stick with the iPhone for at least one more round due to my deep familiarity and comfort with its ecosystem versus Droid's.

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