Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another Holiday, Another Rental Car . . .

As many of you may already know, parking in NYC is atrocious. Add to that the overcrowding and all the never ending parking rules, and it's practically prohibitive to own a car in this city. But for those of us who sometime find the need to drive where the subways and taxis won't venture, this can provide a bit of a quandary. I've gotten over that particular hump in recent years by resorting to Zipcar. Which works fine, most of the time.

The only time it becomes impossible, though, is on or around major holidays. Like now. This year all the Zipcars in New York are booked solid for tomorrow. My aunt's having Thanksgiving at her house up north near the Mass. border with New York -- a quaint, out of the way place in the woods near Old Chatham. That meant, naturally, that I would be needing to rent a car. Ye gods!

This year I decided to give Enterprise a try for the first time. Usually I go with Avis, even if they are very overpriced. Enterprise is more modestly budgeted, however, which I used to always view with suspicion. But this year I had no choice -- all the other big rental agencies were sold out in the area. Bummer!

The surprise was on me, though, when I showed up today and found the people who work at my local Enterprise agency to be both professional and very accommodating. I had reserved a Nissan Sentra since it was the only class of car still available online, but when I got to the garage all they had for me was a Sonata. And a pretty decrepit looking Sonata at that! WTF?

But the agent lady was very nice. She offered me an upgrade to a Hyundai Santa Fe for no extra charge! I thought about it, realized that I'll be travelling on dirt roads at least for the tail end of the journey, and quickly decided that perhaps having all-wheel-drive at my disposal might just be a good thing.

And I have to say, it's not a bad looking vehicle for a two-day rental:

Of course, I knew finding a parking spot for it in my neighborhood was going to be a nightmare. I tried to get home before rush hour, however, and lucked out big time after finding an empty space big enough for two cars to fit directly across the street from my apartment building. SCORE!

So I'm all set for the holiday now. Tomorrow I will be driving up to my aunt's house with my grandmother, sister, and her boyfriend in tow. It's a 2.5 hr drive on twisting, albeit scenic, two-lane highways, but I'll have good company and music to wile away the time. And, best of all, plenty of interior space high up off the ground, which I actually prefer.

All in all, I think things turned out far better than I had anticipated earlier this week. Hopefully the drive up and back will be non eventful (i.e., no stupid drunk drivers on the road). While I'm gone and away from blogger land, I'd like to take this moment to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. And if you're not from the U.S., then have a fantastic Thursday, Nov. 24th!

Gobble, gobble! :)


  1. Have a safe drive, David, and happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Safe travels! Happy Thanksgiving to you!!! :)


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