Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birthday Month Coming Up!!!

The only thing bad about being married to a fellow Virgo is that we're barely done eating the first birthday cake by the time the second one comes around. Okay, well on second thought . . . maybe that doesn't sound so bad after all. I mean, there's worst dilemmas one must face in life, right?

Luckily for me, my b-day comes first in the month (9/7), while hers is almost 2 weeks later (9/22). So this means I get to determine the coolness of her gift by what she gives me on my own b-day beforehand. (ha, ha -- just kidding)

But it does bring up something I hate the most about this month, and that is dealing with the anxiety of picking out just the right gift. Lisa is hard to shop for because she *NEVER* drops hints about anything. And I'm telling you, I keep my ears and eyes open for it all the time. Basically it boils down to me having to ask outright: TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT!!

In the above pictured b-day, I went all out for Lisa and surprised her with a yummy cake, flowers, stuffed animal, and various baked goodies in tins. And that wasn't even her present! It's funny, but as I get older I'm starting to enjoy more the giving of presents rather than receiving. Probably because I usually just go out and buy whatever I want whenever I see it, rather than waiting for the appropriate gift-giving holiday to roll around.

Is anyone else like this? Is it a pain trying to shop for the S.O., or do you have a secret knack for picking the right gift? Care to share your secret?

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