Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Stork's Been Working Overtime

I'm 31, which means I'm in that prime time of my life where all my friends, co-workers and siblings are starting to get the urge to pass on their genetic code -- i.e., have little ones. Well, luckily none of *my* siblings have done so yet, as I'm the oldest and it's my prerogative -- no, my DUTY -- to be the first to have a kid. :-)

But Lisa's younger brothers and sister have been working big time to beat her to the punch. Her sister already had our cute little niece some time back, but just last year gave birth to an adorable baby boy whom we believe will turn into quite the rambunctious fellow in about T-minus 11 months (he just turned 1 last month). Right now he's at the cute phase where he can walk and pretend to carry on a conversation, but I can only imagine what he'll be like the day he discovers the word "no!"

Her brother's wife had a baby boy roughly three months before this, so for the past year I've been introduced to two new nephews out of the blue. Then her baby brother had a girl just a few months ago (talk about weird -- I first met him when he was still watching Sesame Street, fer crissakes!). So that's three (count em) new little boogers in the wife's family that seemed to have popped up out of nowhere. That's a lot of birthdays to suddenly have to remember. Lucky for them, they're all cute or I'd likely want nothing to do with the brats -- I kid, I kid.

Anyway, a good friend of mine, C, had her baby girl last year, too. And now my oldest friend in the world, B, is the proud father of twin girls as of this past week. Holy hell! What's going on here?

As anyone who's married and in their 30s knows, you very quickly start to feel the pressure from both family and friends to "get with the program" and start being fruitful and multiply and all that biblical goodness. Lisa and I have our own personal reasons for waiting a while before we create the clone(s), and the sometimes not so subtle hint from others doesn't sway us one bit (ha!)

But it makes me feel old, to think of all these friends I knew since I was a teenager suddenly becoming parents and all responsible and stuff. Wow, they are *so* brave! I feel like I barely got my own shit together, that the thought of introducing a baby into our lives now is like begging for chaos. Lisa feels the same, which is why we get along so well. But we have our days where even we discuss when the right time might be. Not now is all that we can agree upon.

Someday, though. Someday . . .

In the meantime, I have a whole gaggle of cute, drooling babies to play with and bribe with candy behind their parents' backs. It's not such a bad thing, being the cool "uncle," eh?

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Ashe Hunt said...

Of course, you know I'm feeling you on this one. I'm an uncle 3 times over now. The first two were cool. My OLDER brother had two boys. Cool, no problem. But now, My LITTLE sister just had a baby girl, just about a month ago. So, now I'm really feelin' the crunch of time. Do guys' biological clocks tick, too? I think mine is! ;-) I was ready a long time ago, just didn't have a girl I wanted to share genetics with. (Well there was one but she's gone, so I'm stuck.) Oh well, life moves.

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