Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Please allow me to introduce myself . . .

Argh, mateys!
Hello there, glad you could join me. This is the narcissist post, all about me. I promise not to do too many of these (if any) in the future.

Now, who the hell am I? Nobody, yet. I'm the original David Batista, and not at all related to that poser wrestler (who's real last name is spelled with a 'u' in there, btw). I'm just an average guy living in the big, bad city of New York. I was born and spent most of my life here, and it's not too bad of a place to call home.

I'm of mixed heritage (anglo-saxon mother, dominican father) with almost no hispanic identity. Which is a shame, as it would have been nice if my father had stuck around to teach me some spanish. Anyway, I was raised solely by my mother, and then her mother (my grandma) after the age of nine. I am who I am today thanks to being surrounded by strong-willed, independent women -- my mother, grandmother, and aunt.

In high school I learned Spanish for the first time. Some of it stuck, most of it didn't. I had far more success in college where I majored in Chinese Studies. As a result, I came away with a pretty solid mastery of Mandarin and an unwavering love of all things China. I enjoy learning languages, especially difficult ones.

Now I spend my days toiling in a high-profile legal publishing company located in the Financial District. But by night . . .oh, well that's where the fun begins!

You see, I'm trying to break into the fiction writing biz. Specifically, sci-fi. I got back into writing in the summer of 2006, focusing mainly on the short form. I've written nineteen short stories since then, ranging from 5k to 12k in length. I still have a lot to learn as none of my attempts are fit to be published. Well, that's not true; one of my stories will be published online in the Feb. 2009 issue of Afterburn SF. So hopefully I can keep the ball rolling!

This blog will just be me going off at the mouth on various subjects that fit my fancy, not necessarily sci-fi related. I have a wide range of interests: from comics to computers, to antelope herding and video games. Okay, I made up one of those (guess which one).

I can get very heated on certain subjects, but for the most part I'll keep this blog on an even keel. My main mission is to just have fun.

Hope you do, too!

Feel free to drop in on the comments section and leave an introduction of your own.


--David J. Batista


  1. yay! love the blog, david! i hope you update frequently? happy writing, too! =D

  2. Hi David!

    Nice job on the blog. I see you like (or at least have noted) John Scalzi. I was lucky enough to get him to autograph a copy of The Last Colony when I was a Denvention. He was very gracious and seemed to be really thrilled that someone wanted him to autograph a book.


  3. Cathy,

    Oh yes, I'm a huge fan of the Scalzi. I linked to his "Whatever" blog on my sidebar. That's so awesome that you got to meet him in person -- I'm so jealous! Did you read TLC yet? If so, how was it?

  4. Yeah, yeah! Once again, furthering the the take-over and total domination of this ethereal realm! Glad to see the blog up. Looks good. Your intro post is better than mine (Guess I better start writing again, get my skillz back up ;-). And, of course, you know I have to disagree with your comment about your stories. I can attest to the fact that, many of David's stories are perfect to publish. (The other one just needs a little, little bit of tweaking, that's all:-) Looking forward to our domination of the SF world, in all it's forms.


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