Monday, January 26, 2009

Because A Historic Day . . .

. . . Deserves historic coverage.

Check out David Bergman's blog for a truly awesome (and cool) technological achievement. He covered the inauguration last Tuesday and took a gob-smacking HURGE panoramic photo of the crowd and invited attendees. The view was generated using a Canon G10 along with a Gigapan robotic imager to create a 2GB TIF file at a resolution of 1,474 megapixels! That's the very definition of EPIC, folks.

Seriously, you've got too see this to believe it. Click on the link above and scroll down a little. You can zoom in on the image to impressive detail, or use your mouse to pan from side to side and take in the crowds.

Have fun, and see how close you can zoom. Zooming in on Obama giving his address is a snapshot frozen in time. It gave me major goosebumps!

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