Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blurred Lines

As any of my friends can tell you, I'm not big on current music. My musical tastes tend more toward dated tunes from the 60s and earlier. Of course, I do also have a huge 4-hour long playlist of nothing but 80s chart toppers--but generally speaking it takes me a long time to get into anything new and popular.

So when I heard someone on tv mention this song "Blurred Lines" from Robin Thicke (featuring T.I. and Pharrell) as being the number 1 track of the summer, I just had to listen to it and find out what all the fuss was about.

To me it was nothing to write home about. I immediately dismissed it and shook my head. What is the state of today's music that such a song could be the number 1 SUMMER jam? I couldn't figure it out.

Then I heard about some controversy surrounding the video connected to this song. Apparently it was supposed to be very risqué and pushing the envelope on what passes for decency in the music world these days. And sure, there's a tame version of this music video floating around, which you can find right here. But what everyone was talking about is the uncensored video, which apparently features lots of scantily clad models flashing their boobies about as they dance and cavort around the three gentlemen providing vocals. Who are, naturally, fully clothed themselves. Naturally.

Well, as you know my dear bloggies, I just had to investigate further. I had to! Because I knew you would want to see it and what all the outrage was for. I did it for you. Because I'm like that.

Anyway, check out the video for yourself. But I must warn you: there is within the provided clip the aforementioned nearly nekkid womenz and their perky, flouncing boobies and gyrating hips. Avert the eyes of any children and small animals in the near vicinity of your preferred viewing medium if you so choose to click on the video below:

Click here if video does not play.

You know, it wasn't all that bad. Kinda catchy, in fact. I honestly don't know what all the controversy is about. Personally, I never did find naked breasts all that taboo or, even, stimulating. It's pretty silly to get so worked up over them, in fact. I know I'm a guy and supposed to go all ga-ga crazy at the sight of a nip, but ... puleeese! I get more flummoxed over a pretty face and bright smile than I do over the sight of a pair of mammaries.

As for the video. It's a lot of fun. The uncensored version is better because, ironically, everyone seems more relaxed and having fun in that one compared to the "clean" version. The dancing is better, too. Downright infectious, in fact--and I'm sooooo not a good dancer!

And despite my best efforts, I have to admit the song is very catchy. Dare I say, it's even grown on me. It must have, because I've since downloaded it to my iPod and have listened to it FIVE TIMES now! And all because of this video. Which, btw, I've watched SEVEN TIMES now. Yes. That's right. SEVEN!!! I know you're going to think I'm bullshitting here, but the dancing is very energetic and carefree, which I find oddly charming. Also, the fake innocent faces the models/dancers affect just crack me up to no end. Hilarious! I especially like the brunette--the Polish-British model, Emily Ratajkowski.

Sweet lord!!!

Still, I know this song and, especially, its video is not for everyone. Certainly not for most of my visitors to this here blog. In fact, I probably shouldn't have even mentioned that I like this song and love, love, LOVE the video at all. Because now you're giving me that look. You know, the look! Yes, that one right there!

But, that's okay. I know you still love me. You do, doncha?

P.S. -- I'm well aware of the OTHER controversy surrounding this song. That regarding the lyrics and how it might contribute toward a certain criminal misogyny of women. I'd really rather not get into that here on the blog. Unless, of course, people want me to. But if you do, I suggest you read up on the specific controversy first and then get back to me in the comments section. Because otherwise I won't touch it. For real.


Rodney said...

I'm also someone not connected to current pop music. I always give props to current music that actually makes it to me, because it usually has to be an extremely popular phenomenon for me to come across it randomly. This song is the second one I've heard from Robin Thicke. (The first being "When I Get You Alone" which was featured on an ep of Alias. I liked it, so I chased it down.) Thanks to my formerly 2.5 hour commute to work, I first heard this song on the radio. When I first heard it, I liked the beat immediately. The repetitive lyrics took a bit of time to get used to, but I can say that I officially like this song.

As to the controversy regarding the misogynistic nature of the lyrics, I completely disagree. I heard this song without seeing any version of the video and while I immediately knew this was a song about seducing a somewhat reluctant woman, I saw the song's lyrics focusing on the "somewhat" as opposed to the "reluctant". The lyrics seem to be about the internal struggle between innate, primal desire and the basic control of that desire needed to function in modern society. And how the line between acceptable and not acceptable gets blurred the longer that struggle rages on.

Then I saw the "clean" version of the video and it reinforced that impression. The women were all in their underwear (indicative of desire) but playing innocent and walking/dancing away from their suitors (Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell). I only recently found out about the unrated version and that version makes it even clearer what the subtext of the song is about. And I've seen this video with women around me and not a single one of them found the lyrics misogynistic. (Although, a couple were uncomfortable with the amount of nudity in the unrated version.)

And there isn't a single song that appeals to everyone, David. So there's no shame in saying that you like it or it's accompanying video. In fact, I stand with you. I like the song and BOTH versions of the video! You're not alone! If you really get a lot heat, you could just say it's a guilty pleasure. It's a good excuse and fits with the theme of the song! :)

David Batista said...

Damn, Rodney. What a thorough, intelligent breakdown of this song. Major props to you! And, of course, I agree. That's exactly my take on the lyrics as well. And as such, I think it's a rather good song that is not saying what most of the naysayers think it's saying.

And yes, the half nude version of the video does fit better with the overall message of the song. But I also like how the "safe" version has the women wearing plastic, which also fits close with the lyrics about being clothed and restrained, and praising women for not being plastic, aka "fake."

Really glad you wrote in with your thoughts, dude.

Cin said...

I really don't get the issue behind this song when there have been far more controversial songs in pop culture. I remember reading a criticism of Blurred Lines and its "rapey" lyrics but I don't get that from the song or the video. It looks more like he's singing about the cat and mouse game that men and women sometimes play with each other, the thrill of the chase I guess. :)
Not a Robin Thicke fan anyway, but I do love T.I.:)

David Batista said...

Cin -- Yes, that's the vibe I get as well. It's more about a woman allowing a man to chase her, and about the man going along with the pretense that she is too innocent to think of the things he's thinking about her. And that ... that I like. A lot. :)

Yvonne said...

First, Robin Thicke is H-0-T!!! **SWOON** Second, I love that song! That was my summer song this year. lol Third- Seriously, there are far worse songs about women that are being played out there and yet, no one is raising a fuss about those songs. Personally, when I first heard this song, I didn't pay attention to the lyrics because, well, because I was fixated on RT, but then I did listen, and I still don't get what the uproar is all about. And I certainly don't get the "rape" connection. But that's just me.

Yvonne said...

One more thing, Rodney's opinion was awesome!

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