Sunday, January 12, 2014

Beware of Writer

Please pardon my absence. I'm in the middle of intense writing on the new short story. I think I'm rusty and in dire need of practice still, but it's coming along. Slowly. My brain's enjoying the storming, though. It's like flexing an old muscle I haven't used in a long time. I'm sure this story sucks, but yet I must continue until the end. Won't really know what I got until it's over and I can look back and see it for the whole.

Until then, I don't know when I'll post again. Or, more importantly, what I'll post about. Any suggestions?

Would anyone be totally upset if I did another Top 10 Crushes entry? I don't know if I'm outwearing my welcome with all these write-ups of beautiful women I fantasize about now that I'm single. But to be honest, it's really about all my brain is capable of outputting these days. Especially as I try to focus on real creative writing.

It's all in good fun, you know?


  1. haha, you're such a guy. yay for you and your writing again! i'm super excited for you, really! :)
    as for your lists, i just commented somewhere else that i like when you do those. not necessarily the crushes, but it doesn't matter. write what you want, we won't behead you or anything like that. ;)

  2. Behead me? Why, you must know of my Highlander obsession, then. Kewl!

    (Not the beheading part, btw. That's definitely not kewl.)

  3. Always a good thing. Glad to know. I need more stories.

    And the lists are cool. I likes 'em.


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