Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh Yeah, Baby!!! Who You Gonna Call?

Several months ago it was revealed that the next installment in the Ghostbusters film franchise was not going to be a film at all, but a kick-ass video game on all systems. The game was scripted and voiced by some of the original crew (sans Bill Murray) and is being developed by Terminal Reality for publisher Sierra. It's slated for a 2009 release to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the first film (has it been that long?).

Anyway, the rumor of an actual film sequel was squashed early on. Or was it? Looks like there may indeed be a third Ghostbusters after all! And better yet, they might be looking to reunite the original cast. Check out the news here.

I for one would love for this to happen. And I think it will. Of course, the original cast is a lot older now, not to mention fatter, so the rumor is that they might be training a new generation. Normally, I would say this sounds like a sucky idea. But since this is a comedy, I think it could work.


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